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04-27-2008, 05:49 PM
Here's the story, played 4 hours of indoor tennis with my dad and cousin at my club. I broke the cross string (gut) hitting with my dad after 15 minutes. I pulled out a freshly strung racquet and after a hour of hitting boom, break a main (poly) on a big backhand return. I just happened to be carrying around a tecnifibre 320 and the volkl.

So I pulled out the volkl which was strung with big ace at 58 pounds about 2 months ago. I checked the string tension and I felt that was still good and that the strings had locked firmly into place. When I first started hitting I was able to generate some incredible racquet head speed which in turn lead to some very heavy shots. Even with the dense string pattern I felt the spin generation was extremely generous.

Off the backhand side I felt that this racquet was much more controllable than my storm and I was able to swing out more with confidence even though I hadn't used this frame in months. My forehand side at first suffered a bit as I was spinning the ball a bit too much but I eventually started to flatten out the stroke and was able to paint the lines.

Volleys were a dream with this stick much more control and maneuverability than my leaded up storms with an almost head heavy balance.

I usually don't use my ohbh slice that often but with this frame I certainly did a bit more as I was able to hit a mean slice that staying low and really skidded off the court.

I felt that the sweetspot was long but not wide which was okay for me as I was able to dial in quickly and rarely framed the ball as the hitting session progressed.

Serving with this racquet was great. I was really able to accelerate the racquet head through on flat serves and generated even more pace than I do with my storms. Slice serves were on an equal level an even the topspin spin I recently learned was hit effectively. Due to the increased racquet head speed, I was able to serve with this stick better than I do with my storm.

The only place where the racquet suffered a bit were returns. While my backhand return was still solid due to my compact stroke, my forehand return was a different story. When I would try to block back returns, they didn't seem to have enough power and were attackable. Therefore, I would take full swings on returns no matter what the serve with mixed results. If I contacted the ball cleanly on the full swing I would be able to both place the ball well and hit it with good pace. However, quite a bit I would mistime the stroke and the ball would either land short for an easy winner or sail long.

All in all I was surprised with the performance of this stick and am even considering making a switch. Oh I also felt this racquet was very stable as unstable racquets bother my wrist and even after 4 hours of hard hitting, I felt no pain but a little stiffness, which is expected since I rarely practice that much in one day. I will be testing out the racquet tomarrow and the day after and compare it to my storms to see if I should make the switch.

Klatu Verata Necktie
04-27-2008, 06:01 PM
I agree with your assessment of the VE-mid. It's a fine frame. I remember reading about the frame's long, narrow sweet spot in a few online reviews, but I haven't experienced that myself. I feel the sweetspot to be fairly generous in both width and length.

Enjoy your hitting sessions and let us know what you decide.

Seacoast Stringer
04-27-2008, 06:31 PM
The T10VE mid is one of my all time favorite frames. The "slightly" small sweetspot (for me) and the just a bit low power are the only characteristics that have kept me from making this my frame. Great comfort, unbelievable control, and nice feel make this a classic stick. One of Volkl's best.

04-27-2008, 06:32 PM
Here's another happy 10VE mid user. And you're right about you've described. I really love the racket too.

04-28-2008, 12:19 AM
I agree, the T10VE mid is one of my favorite frames. Great for S&V play.

04-28-2008, 12:41 PM
Hit again with the frame today, and I'm going to either order 2 or 3 more from TW tonight. I'm just amazed how the frame adds around 10 mph to my flat serve and just incredible control. I can rip backhands and forehands with overflowing confidence. In addition, I have never played frame before that is so perfect to volley with, just the right amount of maneuverability, stability, and the closed string pattern allows me to place the ball inches of where I aim for. Now that I've risen to a 4.5 level and can generate my own power I can really appreciate a quality control frame such as this one.

04-28-2008, 12:53 PM
I agree w. all of this. The fun factor w. this frame is really high.....take big swings at the ball because the swingweight isnt high, but the control is. not for someone with short swings or people who arent precision ballstrikers, and likely not too cool for people w. extreme grips
Doownside as stated is the narrower sweetzone.