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01-10-2005, 04:48 PM
Today had first playing experience with the vantage on claycourts!!!
So time for second impression!!!!

How does it play well, first of all haven't played on clay since august so it was a daring experience going back to the red clay!

The vantage was strung with polystar energy at 24kg.(don't know if this string is available in the us , but it is the brand rainer shuttler endorses and the string with the star logo, polyester string you can compare the polystar energy to bb when it comes to tension stability etc)

opposition were national ranked players so the vantage got a real hitting in on the clay.

This racket really does play unbelievable the enormous spin potential you get from this frame is just well enormous. and best off all the control ,you can really use the court with this racket sending balls left right and centre and the drop shots , the feel, it really is that good!
in my previous post i mentioned i didn't really like the power level for serving but tonight my first serves especially on the red slower clay the spin potential was really emphasized and the vantage worked for me!!! enormous kick and slice on the serves.
Then i changed rackets and tried my Yonex rd ti 80 , well folks i have to tell you the vantage frame i have wipes the floor with the yonex rd ti 80 on the clay ( more control, more spin, more feel and even plays more stable) i didn't think this would happen but i have to admit it the vantage has wiped the floor with my trusted rd ti 80 , and the odd thing is the vantage i have is the lightest version(and high dense string pattern 18*20) and this frame plays better than the rd ti 80, unfortunatly i didn't have the RDX's with me. Next time i will put it up against the RDX's.

01-10-2005, 05:40 PM
Thanks for the info

01-10-2005, 06:04 PM

On the Vantage website the blurb states,

"If you know what you want, head straight for our Custom Racquet builder. Need a starting point? Use a prebuilt frame as a base and then specify some alternative options. Either way you end up with a racquet that is built by us, but defined by you."

and there's no mention of 'ready-to-play' frames. So, Im a little unsure as to what exactly it is you're playtesting. As the hook with Vantage is that the frames are made to an individual's specifications, was the racquet you used tailored in any way to your personal preferences? If not, isn't it playability likely to alter quite a bit when someone sets their specifications?

Russell Finch
01-11-2005, 12:24 AM
All I get is a "welcome to Vantage" front page on their website. Where did you find what you quoted above?

I had read this:

Vantage will offer three head size choices (90, 95, and 100), open or closed string patterns, two stiffness choices, five different lengths, 13 weight/balance choices, two frame color choices, four handle shapes, five different grips, and a series of other services previously only available to high-ranking pros and players with great financial resources. All levels of players will benefit by this, but serious players will now be able to get a "stick" that will maximize their personal game and truly become part of their arm.

I assume you take your pick from the options above and can customize a little from there. I presume they have made a few frames already and are letting the lucky few try them (hoping to have a go myself too).

01-11-2005, 12:46 AM
just click on the Vantage logo at the top of the page, then click on the word 'tennis'. You wont get much more information, just a little bit about it. It looks as though they're building the site one page at a time so I wouldn't expect there to be much more for another week or two.

I assume pretty much the same as yourself. Have a notion that the frames may start off resembling something from the Dunlop range as that is the company the fellow in charge of Vantage used to design racquets for. I suppose, from that basic frame, you get to choose weight, flex etc.

01-11-2005, 01:20 PM
The Vantage frame I was using was one of the first factory rackets with the company's livery on it, the other frames had nothing on them. The racket I am using is one of many with different specs for testing. If you make your Vantage "made-to-measure", the performance will dramatically increase.

02-08-2005, 06:52 AM
Yonexplayer. What's the vantage racquet you're using? Whats the static weight? If it is the lightest, then that's the 11.1 oz with 18x20 string.

02-09-2005, 11:36 AM
Yes it was the lightest version with black leather grip and colour white with high dense string pattern.