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David Fong
05-03-2008, 09:50 PM
I am looking for any of the following.
-Wilson K Factor/6.1/95 sq in/ 4 3/8 grip/9 condition or better
-Wilson K Factor Tour/90 sq in/4 3/8 grip/9 condition or better
-Prince 03 Speedport Tour/ 97 sq in/4 3/8 grip/9 condition or better
-Prince Ozone Tour/4 3/8 grip/9 condition or better
-Head I Prestige MP/4 3/8 grip/ 8 condition or better(looking for older version that has
tacky feel to the paint)

I have to trade, Wilson N6.1/18x20/4 3/8 grip, Wilson N6.1 Tour 90/4 3/8 grip, Babolat Pure Control/100 sq in model/4 3/8 grip, Yonex RDS 001 Midplus/4 3/8 grip, Babolat Pure Control Team Plus/4 3/8 grip, Head LM Radical/4 3/8 grip, Head LM Radical Tour/4 1/2 grip, Wilson NSurge/4 3/8 grip, Wilson Nblade/98 sq in/4 3/8 grip, Volkl VE Tour 10 Midplus/4 3/8 grip.
I have some others, this is all I can recll at the moment. Looking for trades or trades plus cash first. Not really looking to sell any of the trade rackets right now. Thanks David dsfong@pacbell.net

David Fong
05-07-2008, 10:44 AM
The Pure Control Team Plus is actualy a Pure Control Plus(last version before Storm), Also have Dunlop HM 200gXL/4 3/8 grip, Dunlop HM 300g/4 1/4 grip,Dunlop MW 200g/100sq in/ 4 1/4 grip, Wilson Rok Midplus 100 sq in/4 3/8.