View Full Version : Becker 11 heavy + ex-pro = wow!

Vitaly Evchenkov
05-14-2008, 10:03 AM
ok, i know this guy is just a great player... but i was so tempted to order a demo of this racquet last night even though I know deep down that this guy could play great with a wal-mart special.

maybe it was the racquet.. maybe it was the gut strings making that awesome pop sound... but it was the ease with which this guy could move his opponents around while staying in the middle of the court...
but it made me WANT whatever he had!

i was watching an ex-pro hit... and he hit so easily and smoothly while getting tremendous pace and spin.
his hitting partner was sweating like crazy... meanwhile the ex-pro had a sweatshirt on and looked like his heartrate was at 70bpm max.

Anyway... even though I know better. I was SO tempted to order his racquet last night... the BECKER 11 12oz version. I know it wasn't the racquet, but geez, when you see someone just rock on the court aren't you tempted to try the racquet they use?

Man the sound the ball made of his strings was awesome. He had already won his tournament match and proceeded to train with 2 people in a row... making them tired and he would just gracefully let the racquet do the work... or so it seemed.

anyway, i just sold my 12oz players stick for a babolat, but the crisp hitting with gut at high tension made me want the "classic setup" again. i will have to watch a Nadal match to forget about it!

there hasn't been much talk about the Becker 11 heavy since the Head MG Prestige and Wilson KBlade came out... any feedback from people using it? Sure seemed sweet in this guy's hands!!!!

05-14-2008, 10:12 AM
by Becker11 heavy you are meaning the becker11MP standard which weighs 325 grams unstrung and not the heavy special edition one i assume

if so, this racquet has been very well received, but is no longer 'new' so the bloom is off the rose around here. it's one sweet racquet.....a surprising amount of everything for a thin beamed 18 mains flexy frame

Vitaly Evchenkov
05-14-2008, 10:45 AM
it was the regular MP 12oz.. not the special edition $$$ Boris spec one...
sure seemed like a sweet stick!