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05-14-2008, 03:21 PM
ill add photos later...

Well, I made a post earlier about this racquet asking around, did research found some things about it and it arrived on my door steps today and here we go

Spec: Length: 27". Construct: 80% graphite, 20% composite. Head size: 85sq in. Stiffness: 55. Recommend tension: 50-60lb. Weight: 12.6oz strung. Pattern: 16MX19C. Balance: 3pts HL. Cross section: 19mm straight beam

Cosmetically, it kinda resembles the PS85 although the paint job was glossy. None of the less its a great hitting racquet. It has lots of spin and lots of control. Its a very low powered racquet and played very similar to my buddies Prostaff85. Me and him were comparing all day. some good flex and didnt have any pain or any elbow problems after hitting for 4 hours straight.

This racquet did wonders for my 1bh. felt that i had great control and great spin and Depth for slice backhand. 2hb is also very nice my friend uses it and he says he found even similar control to his 85

Volleys were nice a consistent. It was very maneuverable ( although i am used to playing heavy racquets like that)

Serves were good, very nice placement and depth and found very good consistency with it like the k90 and ps85 i was using today. All that said i found it a very nice racquet and VERY affordable with the playability of many of the "classic racquets"

Price: 40 dollars + other goods like 4 replacement leather grips and some other stuff

:) dont hesitate if you see something like this its the Pre Prostaff era racquets. Very nice and DEF worth my purchase. This goes into the categories of the Wilson Aggressor and I suppose the wilson Matrix. Ive used the Wilson agressor and thats also very similar. Dont hesitate to buy these 80s racquets :)

05-14-2008, 03:25 PM
Also when i said Wilson agressor i meant the original ones, not that high beam series crud