View Full Version : Head Extreme Pro swingweight ?

05-15-2008, 06:39 PM
Hello !

I just measure swingweight of a test Head Extreme Pro and it seems to be really far from specs.

See for yourself :

Weight : 312g
Eq : 31cm

Strung with MSV Hex 1.10:
Weight : 325g
Eq : 31.9cm
SwingWeight : 314kg.cm²

All previous measurements I've done were within +-3kg.cm² range from the USRSA database, and this one is far away.

USRSA gives 335 kg.cm²
TW description page gives 332 kg.cm²
TWU gives 332 kg.cm² too

20kg.cm² gives a big difference in terms of swingweight, and 314kg.cm² is close to my ideal swingweight and this test racquet suits me well.

Do you think another Extreme Pro would have a much higher swingweight ?
How is your Extreme Pro ?