View Full Version : New Volkl racquets now available for pre-order at TW

TW Staff
01-14-2005, 11:16 AM
For more info on the

Tour 10 Generation II

Catapult 8 V-Engine

Tour 6 Generation 2

Catapult 4 Generation II

Head to our Volkl racquets page at:

Chris, TW

01-14-2005, 11:48 AM
Not to nit-pick, but check the specs on the Cat. 4, it says length 27.5, but the description says 27.6, which is the lenght Volkl usually uses....

01-15-2005, 08:25 AM
Chris, seems like you have the wrong layup for the T10Gen2....I think you have it as Graphite/Titanium. I believe it to be Graphite/Fiberglass. It sure feels like glass in there. thanks, Ed