View Full Version : Has anyone else noticed - TW Boards have changed?

03-25-2004, 10:59 AM
Hope that I'm wrong - but I used to enjoy the Boards for the player info , technical info, and lengthy discussions by respectful people, mostly, who seemed to ytuly love the game.Recently, i am "put off" by a seemingly definite trend towards more personal attacks and an exceeding love of foul language for its own effect. Tell me I am wrong... that would be fine with me because I have enjoyed the years of conversation here as really knowledgable people shared insight and often amazing perceptions about tennis. Is it TWs success and growth - more do not make it merrier? Is it a new format - "rant and rave" as a topic? Or perhaps I must just be more selective in my search for the good stuff within the discussions? Hope I'm wrong or just being old school.

03-25-2004, 11:35 AM

I've noticed it. I'm just about ready to bow out. Haven't decided for sure yet because the board is still a good source of information.

03-25-2004, 11:45 AM
i havent been on this board for very long and some others that have might confirm this, but it seems to go in cycles on here..things are pretty peaceful for a while and then out of nowhere people start being disrespectful and mean to their fellow posters. lots of people just post to hear themselves talk or for their own egos me thinks. i know i get dealt ridicules, have been sent viruses from here, and there was a person that just followed me about on this board in the past just to insult me and dispute everything i said. i know of one person that was physically threatened. i think i have stuff to offer this board having been a long time teaching pro who is a 5.0+ player and who knows the game technically and from a equipment view pretty well. and i have a real love, respect, and passion for the game. people seem to want to always one up you here rather than compliment others and it is bad energy. i am at the point again where i dont wish to contribute..it is different if it is just one person like this, but there seem to be several..it's a shame. Ed

Frodo Baggins
03-25-2004, 11:45 AM
well for your info:On the old board I say there was more personal attacks then here...this new board is still fairly new give it time an you'll see less personal attacks on posters ... Thats my thoughts on it .. :D

Ash Doyle
03-25-2004, 11:46 AM
I don't think so. When the board first changed, I didn't like it. It's grown on me now, and I enjoy checking the boards at least 10 times a day. You just can't beat the info available here. These "off-topic" forums, to me, appear to be building some dialog between users that is creating a nice little online community. I like it. If it's not to your liking then you may want to stick to the forums like "General Pro Player Disc." and "Tennis Tips".

03-25-2004, 12:04 PM
I agree with Ed. It always happens in cycles. But bad karma is expected on a public board like TW. There's always someone who wants to stir up trouble.

03-25-2004, 12:22 PM
A few of the people who I really enjoyed posting with have left. I really miss the lengthy discussions on pro player talk, I hope they come back when the cycle comes back around.

03-25-2004, 01:28 PM
These boards are still interesting however IMO there used to be a larger number of contributors that had a lot of useful and helpful knowledge and insights. Over the past 4+ years I would say the overall quality of the postings has gone from a 8.5/10 to a 6.5/10. Perhaps the current stage is a cycle as has been suggested but it seems like the overall trend has been down.

03-25-2004, 02:17 PM
I was going to post the same thing, I have definitely noticed an increase in personal attacks and really stupid posts (sorry, no other way to characterize them). Any post about Andy Roddick will inevitably generate these type of posts.

Frodo Baggins
03-25-2004, 02:30 PM
Like I said before FUN TIMES!!!!

04-02-2004, 12:45 PM
I was on the other boards for a lil bit.