View Full Version : Serve and Volley Frame?

05-27-2008, 07:39 PM
Im in a point in my young tennis career that im deciding my game is going to be based around serving and volleying and I was wondering what sugggestions you guys have for a racquet for this game. I play with the K Factor 95 16X18 and my feeling on this raquet is that it is not as maneuverable as I would like it to be. Also it is just a tad too stiff so sometimes I loose control. What do you guys think is the best serving and volleying raquet that can still holds its own at the baseline. I was considering the following:
Technifibre 335 16X20
Volkl DNX Mid 16x19
Head prestige mid 18x20
Wilson Kblade 18x20
or just keep my racquet