View Full Version : Need to Find A Different Racquet After Trying out Others?Any Advice Would Be Great!

05-27-2008, 07:59 PM
ok everyone i have tried the following racquets:Head Microgel OS (Bought 2 of them),Prince Graphite Classic OS (TW Version),Head Flexpoint Radical OS,Head Metallix 4,Donnay Pro One OS...

here is what happened:

Head Microgel Radical OS: great racquet awesome for serves,fell in love with it when i first played with it,bought 2 of them right away, now i feel like i need something with more i was using luxilon big banger alu 16l and i felt my arm was hurting so i changed to technifibre biphase x-one 16 gage at 58lbs and i feel pain in my arm was gone....but the only thing i dont like about this racquet is control i cant place the ball where i want it to go....

Prince Graphite Classic OS:ball placement was good,serves were good,backhand was hard becuase i couldnt get prepared fast enough becuase of the weight , and it felt stiff, made my arm pain come back im not sure if its becuase of the strings used on the demo version,i could hit the ball good and place it where i want it to,serves were fast and powerful, racquet control was great, this racquet hit the ball hard it was great i just didnt like the backhand cause i use 2 handed and i couldnt prepare fast enough, and it gave me arm pain....

Head Flexpoint Radical OS:i didnt like this racquet when i tried the microgel and this one at the same time i felt serves, and my forehand and my backhand just overall played better with the microgel, i felt the flexpoint felt too hollow for some reason, and the flex thing with the holes was dumb it didnt do anything if at all it felt stiffer....

Head Metallix 4:Probably the worst racquet i ever played with, i hated it,too light,no control,too much power,felt like a little kids racquet nt a players racquet at all which i knew it would i just added to my list of racquets to demo and tried it out, it was horrible.....

Donnay Pro One Oversize: Great racquet, awesome play,great ball control feels great perfect for my backhand,great for ball placement this racquet helped me place the ball perfectly where i want it to go,serves were great and faster than ever backhand was great and i loved the weight,probably the best racquet in the list,i demoed this racquet after i bought the microgels, the only problem is i demoed this racquet today, after playing a long 3 hour match yesterday with my microgels, and the arm pain came back, i switched back to the microgel and the pain was still there....now i love this racquet i want o buy 5 of them but the arm pain made me think therwise but im thinking maybe its becuase i played a long match yesterday and didnt give my arm time to rest.......

now what i did to the microgel to make it feel better is i added lead to 3 and 9 oclock and weight to the throat and i think that made the arm pain go away but still i have no control over placing the ball which i dont know why something the Donnay has, no i need to know if there is a racquet, where it is overall heavier than what i am using and the head is heavy and the body is heavy but the handle is light becuase when i pick up the donnay or the POG,it hurts my arm but when i added weight to the head of my microgels, it didnt hurt cause the handle is light.....

Any advice would be appreciated.....its so hard finding the right racquet....

im 26 my NTRP: 4.0, im thinking about getting a couple of Donnay Pro One OS just cause i love the way this racquet played, or maybe im thinking its cause im using Oversize, but im so used to it i have always since i was a kid been using a 107 OS..

05-27-2008, 08:21 PM
Try posting a 5 mins video of your match play. It's the only real way to get help around here. Otherwise you'd get too much info.

05-27-2008, 10:08 PM
come on guys dont be shy

05-28-2008, 01:08 AM
keep demoing

05-28-2008, 01:14 AM
k90 k90 k90 k90 k90 muhahah!!! just messing

agassi le!!!