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05-31-2008, 07:25 AM
I used to be a big fan of Head racquets when they were making great frames like the Prestige serie (the original red ones) and the Pro Tour 280/630. As a matter of fact I rarely bothered demoing other racquets because Head was making the perfect racquets for my game. Recently, I've decided to try the TF 335 18x20 which is supposed to be a very nice player's stick with similar characteristics to the PT 630.

The TF 335 looks very nicely built, the paint is high quality, and the grip is pretty nice and comfortable. The racquet was strung at 57 lbs with high end TF X one. The racquet feels good in the hand and it has a good weight and balance. I nevertheless added some lead (like I always do) to increase stability.

In play, the TF 335 felt way too powerful for most of my shots. I had to shorten my swing to keep the ball in play. It also felt stiffer than I like (while staying comfortable). I wanted to like this racquet but so far it hasn't felt right for me. After an hour of play or so, I went back to my beloved PT 630 and everything felt a lot better. I had more control because I could swing fast and keep the ball in the court unlike the TF 335. I guess I am also addicted to the flex of PT. Some don't like flexible frames, but I do. Also, the PT is a frame I feel very confident serving both 1st and 2nd serves.

In conclusion, the TF 335 is a well built frame with a nice feel but it was too powerful for me. It feels quite different from the PT in my opinion, certainly stiffer. The TF volleyed very well though, so I guess it could be a good frame for a serve and volleyer.

I'd like to hear opinions from other TF and Head PT users, and see if anyone has had similar ( or different) experience.

05-31-2008, 02:58 PM
I have seen the Technifibre 335 compared to the PT280/PT630 also. I don't really understand it because it is much stiffer - flex is similar to the Prestiges. I would compare it more to them. It did feel nice to me, reminded me some of the metallic feel of the Yonex RD 70 ti. I enjoyed the TF (demoed the 16 main version) but it is far more powerful than the PT280. I couldn't get my serve down with it, but that seems generic to mid+ rackets for me. You might try the Fischer MPro #1, its flex is like the PT280/630, but I thought that with lead, it was more powerful than the TF335.

Technifibre 335 review:

Fischer MPro #1 review:

05-31-2008, 03:29 PM
IMO, the PT280/630 sets the bar for 18x20 MP frames. I had the TF335 18x20 for a little bit but sold them off since 1) I don't like the TF metallic feel and 2) nothing really stood out after hitting with the frame. My preference is for flexier frames so the TF already had one strike against it. I do agree with the OP that the racquet was nicely built and had a very HL balance but as a whole the racquet just wasn't outstanding enough to switch to.

Seacoast Stringer
05-31-2008, 06:01 PM
IMO the 335 is one of the best two or three sticks on the market. In stock form it has great stability, good pop (but not overwhelming), nice feel (not too stiff), and good control. I hit predominantly with the 16 main version. The racquet serves bombs and hits crisp solid volleys - reminds me of the old HPS 6.1 in that regard....BUT it also is a mighty fine baseline frame - with great racquethead speed, spin capability, control and comfort. I found that the frame had few, if any, weaknesses and allowed me to be very creative and consistent on the court. While I am staying with my Vantage setup, the TFight 335 comes a very close second.

06-02-2008, 12:02 PM
Do you guys know how the TF 335 16M compares in terms of power and control to the 18M? I would guess the power level would be higher and the control less, but I could be wrong...

I really wanted to like the TF 335 but so far it has been an awkward racquet to play with. It just doesn't feel right to me although I like the solid feel and I see potential in this racquet. Would you suggest a specific stringing set up in the TF to lower the power? Also, have you played with lead on this frame? I added lead at 2 and 10, 3 and 9 and on the handle to counterbalance. I guess if I could lower the power level I might give it another try.

Any thought regarding the TF 325 (no longer made, but I heard it's more flexy then 335)?

06-02-2008, 12:10 PM

thanks for the links to the reviews. I did try the fischer pro 1 and liked it more than the TF 335 (while I was expecting the opposite...). I like the flex of the pro 1 and the power level was good because I felt I could control it better thwn the TF 335.

I haven't tried the M comp but it would probably suit my game ( I prefer flexy, lower powered racquets with 90-95 headsizes). I have a fischer pro extreme which I like a lot and which I think is similar to the M comp.

06-02-2008, 05:41 PM
IMO, the PT280/630 sets the bar for 18x20 MP frames.

this should not be your opinion it should be a sticky, no question about it , no if ands or buts, period

the PT630 sets the bar for 18X20 MP frames. may not sell the most, the radicals sells much more but we are talking purely performance just by looking at what most of the atp and wta players play with.

06-02-2008, 06:05 PM
Interested to see what you think of the MComp. I thought it had a lot of good points and some bad points, too. Seems the Technifibre is a lot of people's second choice. Solid in all areas, but not outstanding. Right now, in my search for a new racket the TF is my favorite, but like other people I don't think it is perfect and am looking for just a bit more.

06-02-2008, 06:10 PM
Never hit with any PT's ;[

Grew up/Growing up (lol) on Radicals/Prestiges after the i.radical and i.prestige