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Robert Jones
03-25-2004, 03:35 PM
I have recently switched to a Diablo Midplus and am pretty happy with it. I wanted a more maneuverable stick for volleys and overheads. It delivers that well. I had some issues with the strings but have found some that give me the control I needed from ground strokes.

The only thing that is sort of messing me up is the weighting. Don't know if it can be fixed though. Its 10 points head light but its overall weight is not that much lighter than my MORE precision. I can't seem to connect as well on my slice serves. I think I am getting ahead of the ball or something. I have to wait like an extra 1/2 second before I start my swing in order to connect well. Its probably due to the lightness of the head. But If I lead tape the crap out of it I'm just going to be making a stick like my old one which is not that good at the net. I put like 5-6 grams at 10-2 oclock and did not help that much.

Would making the overall racket heavier (Keeping the 10pts HD) help? I'm asking this because if I do it I will have to tear the handle apart and put lead in. I will do it but wanted to know if my thinking was way off on this.

Another thing that sort of baffles me is. I can get way more spin on slice serves with my precision. Both have same stings now.
The diablo has a more open string pattern vs the closer strings of the precision. I thought open patterns offer more not less spin.
Plus the precision is a 95 and the diablo is a 100. I thought the 100 size would offer more spin.

Just trying to understand why a smaller head size closer string pattern would have better spin. The main difference is the the diablo is 10pt HL vs the precisions 5pts HL. Is that reason?

I had a lesson with the Pro and had him look at me with both sticks.
He told me my slice was much better with my old stick. I did not want to hear that. For one I just paid 150.00 for the new stick plus I play net better with it, I don't want to be a baseliner. Guess I can't have my cake and eat it too.

Any ideas why I can't get as much slice?

03-25-2004, 08:18 PM
maybe because with the precision, being that it's only 5 pts. HL vs. the 10 pts. HL of the diablo, you have more weight in the head and behind the ball, allowing for a more solid shot. try experimenting with lead tape. you like the 10 pts. at net, but prefer 5 pts. for your slice. try something in between and see how that goes. maybe you can have your cake and eat it too. -B.

Robert Jones
03-26-2004, 06:12 AM
Thanks! I think your correct. With my slice I really just skim the side of the ball so maybe its deflecting (bouching) the lighter head off the ball.

I am really happy with the stick now. I had tried some soft mulits strings and it basically ruined my game for 4 weeks. It was pure hell, I was stuborn thinking I could adapt.

Put my old strings in and its a better than new stick, I can live with the lack of slice as it offers much more in other areas. No more long shots!!!! Nothing builds confidence like being able to hit hard and have them all drop in.

Two people that had tried my stick (diablo) with the sponge strings
said they were not impressed by it and ended up purchasing other brands. Last night I opted not to play doubles and let my nephew (one of the guys that did not like the diablo) fill in for me. He did not bring his raquet so I gave him mine. This time it had my old strings in it.

He played great, I have never seen him ace so many times. When it was done he was made that now the Diablo played much better than the stick he just purchased a few months ago.

Were are now trying to make his stick more like mine. hehe Get out the lead....

Robert Jones
04-01-2004, 09:28 PM
I added 15 grams of lead to 3-9 oclock area and 6 in the handle.

I think my diablo is like 12.3 oz now. My slice is fine now and serves are even harder. It took a little to get use to ground strokes. volleys have much more pop now.

I can see why the pros don't use light racquets. It is very difficult to have a good slice serve with light stick.

Maybe thats why Roddick is having so much trouble at net, I remember Mac saying his racquet was super light for a pro.