View Full Version : 6 G-Star Tour Spec Frames (Quick Sale Bargain)!

johnathan smith
01-17-2005, 07:19 PM
I have 6 g-star tour spec frames for sale that I need to move quickly.
Here's the deal.
I have 3 brand new ones and 3 like new ones.
5 of them have 1/2 grips and a 3/8.
The used ones are in 9-10 condition. 4 of them are strung with Cyber fiber 17g at mid tension. I am letting them go for 175.00 shipped. It's negotiable, but i have been selling frames on TW for a long time and believe that's MORE than fair :)
Here's a great chance to pick up 6 beautiful and well-made player's frames for less than the cost of one of newer player's sticks on the market.
Please chekc my refs, and send inquiries to...
thanks, JS