View Full Version : 200G Comparisons Wanted

03-25-2004, 08:31 PM
Can someone please compare the Revelation 200G and the Hot Melt 200G? I have the former and am interested in the latter. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

03-25-2004, 09:15 PM
stick w/ the former :wink:

that said, i've had very limited experience w/ the former, actually just 1 hitting session about a month ago. I did play w/ the muscle weave 200G for a while thou. demo'd the hotmelt 200G for about a week and a half.

imo: from greatest to least

power: hotmelt, revelation, muscle weave

control: mw, rev, hm

spin: mw, rev, hm

feel: mw, rev, hm

serve: mw, rev, hm

groudies: rev, mw, hm

vollies: mw, rev, hm

my opinion may be sort of skewed due to different strings, and possibly different tensions in the racquets. i liked the mw from the first hit, and got used to the rev after about 5 minutes. the hotmelt i never really liked.

Brent Pederson
03-26-2004, 06:49 AM
I've got to agree with Kreative, the revelation and muscle weave are the best, the hm is a step down, although still not bad. What are you looking for that the revelation isn't providing? If it's more power, try stringing with gut, that'll make it the bomb...

03-26-2004, 07:04 PM
i currently have my rev.200G strung with bow brand gut 17 and it does have more pop. in fact, when i connect cleanly, if feels really nice. i'm going to try a better gut when the bow breaks (probably bde). i guess i'm looking for something a little lighter. my 200G, with a heat shrink sleeve (necessary) and babolat leather grip (essential), and an overgrip, checks in at a beefy, yet still maneuverable 13.1 oz. i figure the HM 200G will probably get up to 12.3 ish with a leather grip. even though the gut has made a difference, i still feel like i want a little more juice. the rev is NOT forgiving at all on off center hits. i'm hoping the HM is a little better in this area. more forgiving, more powerful, and lighter.

03-27-2004, 09:27 PM
what tension are you stringing it at? you may want to try and lower you tension a bit.

i guess you could say that the 200G is lighter, and more powerful, but at the cost of it being stiffer with the loss of feel. worth a demo just to find out for yourself, but i didn't like it. the volkl tour 10 engine may be worth a demo also. also head pt 280 could be a possible canidate.

steve d
03-30-2004, 04:53 PM

Kreative beat me to it, but I would also suggest giving the Pro Tour 280 a demo. I rotated 3 Rev 200g's until they discontinued them. Then I tried a MW 200g. I can't give a logical explanation why, buy I liked the Rev's better. The guys on the board suggested the Pro Tour and I have been very happy with them. My personal belief is that they are more forgiving than the Rev's with possibly a tad more power. I think the weight is pretty close. But I liked the Rev's and would probably still be using them if they had not been discontinued. I just like the PT's a little better now.
There is a good thread on the PT 280 not far from this thread. And the PT's are quite a bit cheaper.

03-30-2004, 06:41 PM
The first REAL racquet that I had was a rev 200g, it was beat to ***** demo, played with it for a year before investing in the MW 200g.

To me the 200gs, especially the rev 200g plays dead, the MW 200g was fantastic at first, strung with Zyex, and the ball realy EXPLODED off the strings, I served an old Pro off the court with my slice serves and kick on the ad side. Unfortunately I also broke my strings in that match and have never been able to get the zyex strings ever again (it was the prince Premier). oh well too bad. NOw I play with the head prestige mid, which provides more control, essentially a grown up to the junior that was the 200g.