View Full Version : Prince Spectrum Comp 110

Michael Weiner
06-08-2008, 05:11 PM
Anyone remember the Prince Spectrum Comp 110? I used to play with the racket back in the '80s and recently took it out of my closet for a hit. I really liked it. (My current frame is a Pro Staff Classic 6.1 95.)

The oversized frame is constructed of graphite, kevlar, fiberglass and silicon carbide ceramic fibers. The string pattern is 16 main/19 cross.

Any opinions on the playability of the racket?

How does it compare with today's more high-tech models? Does it play similar to any current models?


06-08-2008, 05:26 PM
The Spec Comp 110 was a great racket that is certainly comparable with the POG 110. I personally played the 90" version for a few years, and it was a great racket. Still have one. You should try to find the mid version since you are coming from a the PSC6195.

FWIW...My sister had the 110 version and I used to play with it occasionally in doubles. I felt like I was cheating when I used it but it was still a lot of fun to play with.

There are no "modern" rackets that play anything like the Spec Comp (that I have found).