View Full Version : Matching Gut/Poly Hybrid Strings Tensions on Two Different Racquets of Similar Specs.

07-15-2008, 10:16 AM
Sorry for the long Title.

I'm trying match string tensions for two of my racquets.

Strings: VS Gut 16 (main) /PHT 16 (cross)

My main racquet is a Yonex (isometric square head) 98", 16 mains, 19 crosses. String Tensions: 55 (main)/ 50 (cross). That's 10 % less on the crosses due to, poly string -5% for crosses and isometric head +5% on mains = 10%

My spare racquet is a Prince 100" head, 16 mains, 18 crosses. I will be using the same hybrid string setup. What tensions should I strung the strings at so that the stringbed feels similar to the Yonex?

I understand the same tension in an 98 head would be tighter than in an 100 head.

Recommend tension range on both are 50-60.

Don't worry about all other specs like balance, swingweight, stiffness, beam width & etc.. Assume they are exactly the same I just want an answer on string tensions.

Thank you all.