View Full Version : alu/ektelon hybrid and psgo play test.

07-18-2008, 11:43 AM
I went out today and had my two head mic prest pros. One strung with a hybrid of ektelon power play in crosses (56) and ALU Power in the mains
(54). The other mic prest pro was strung with psgo at 58 (but I had played with it a couple of matches. The hybrid was strung yesterday and was not played with for 24 hours...today was the first hit with it.Here is what I learned so far:

The hybrid launched balls longer unless I really ripped with tons of topspin. It also had more dwell time. I felt a little more weight on my serve with it (maybe the actual string is heavier or something, don't know) and I liked that. Got great spin on serve when really trying to. Same with spin off the ground. One thing I noticed right away was that if I hit a little flatter forhand..not flat but flattened out just a touch, ball went much longer than with the syn gut. The syn gut did not seem to hold the ball as long (dwell time) but with a little flatter stroke, I had better control with it...plain and simple. That sort of dissapointed me because I do like to flatten out a bit on occassion to crank a winner from the back if I have the opportunity and I was not sure I could do it with the hybrid. No problem with the syn gut. With a semi western forhand return of serve, my margin of error was much bigger with the syn gut...so...when playing with the lux, I really started ripping western forhands...effective for sure, just don't like to feel like I have to. This could be a tension thing as the syngut definately feels tighter. At first I almost put the hybrid down but stayed with it and won the match. Backhands (1hbh) were the same way. Honestly id did seem like a tension thing becasue the same thing happens with a multi if it is way low. In a strange way, the syn gut didn't seem to probide as much spin but my balls were landing shorter and it did seem like I hit less balls long. I suppose this means that the syn gut has less power?

Volleys: I serve and volley so this is huge to me. I have played with lux before and I remembered the feeling. Seemed a bit damp on the volleys but I still volleyed pretty well. Not as much feel as the syn gut but I did not expect it to have quite as much. Weird but I was able to hit better "dead" or "stop" volleys with the syn gut. Seemed to have less power with the same volley. Still, I volleyed well with both.

I am posting this because I know there are folks here who have played with all sorts of combos and I love to get advice from folks who have been down the road i am going down already. The string bed of the hybrid felt pretty soft to me but my arm is tweaked as well....now I see the difference in a multi only string bed becasue when I would play with the technofibre biphase, my arm felt great. Maybe I need to play with the lux more to get used to it? Maybe I should try the head sonic pro I have.

I have psgo, biphase, head sonic pro, ektelon power play, and another half set of the ALU. I like the feeling of being able to hit out and I also like the heaviness of spin on serve. Looking for the magic combo that will let me play my best and keep my arm safe. I tried the ektelon in the hybrid becasue it is supposed to be so soft and is not expensive. I had another thread about ideas but I thought I would start this one and maybe someone can get a better picture of my game and my stick and tension.

07-19-2008, 12:11 PM
man, no help here? I have searched on and on and on so I would not post if I had found advice I was looking for. I played again with the two sticks and now I am certain that I would play better with the syn gut only stick. I think maybe the ektelon is making the ball fly a bit with the ALU. The syngut feels more crisp and is still more comfy for some reason.

I may try the ALU with the syngut. I have ordered a hybrid of Big Ace and maxim touch (called matrix hybrid) and will see how that plays. Feel free to chime in with advice.

All I can say is that the ball flys a bit on me with the biphase as well compared to the syn gut. I know that the biphase looses tension and has more power so I expect this. I have been trying to research the possibility of hybriding the biphase with the syngut to see if that would bige me that control I want with decent power and spin. Maybe these copolys arn't the answer, but I am going to try them. I would love to hear from someone who has been down this path. I have no knowledge of these newer strings and combos but what I read on these boards.

As a matter of fact, I would be willing to email someone here (or call them) who sells strings and plays with them for a living. Seems possibilities are endless but if something is gonna bother my arm in the long run, I don't want to mess with it.