View Full Version : FOR SALE OR TRADE: (3) Three Wilson KBlade Tour 93 Racquets! Want Prestiges!

07-21-2008, 08:46 PM
Hey There All:

I've got three Wilson Kblade Tours all about 8.5/10 condition. They are all 4 5/8 grips, and as they did not come with a cover from the factory, nor will they here. The racquets are all strung, one with synthetic gut, one with pro supex big ace, one with pro supex poly power. I am looking to change to either the Microgel Prestige MP or MS. I will also consider the Flexpoint Prestige MP. Anyone interested please write me at Sampras1489@gmail.com with any offers. I really want 4 5/8 grip but may look at 4 1/2! Thanks so much!