View Full Version : Alu rough/NXT Tour 18 hybrid review (my version of wilson's ultimate duo)

07-22-2008, 05:59 AM
Racquet - N6.1 16x18 95 head

String - Luxillon 16L Alu rough 54lbs mains / Wilson NXT tour 18 58lbs crosses

Level - 4.0

I tried natural gut and NXT tour 18 full beds on my racquets and i was not very impressed so i decided to improvise (i like thin gauge strings because they are less likely to cause elbow issues and they are quite spin friendly...) to luxillon hybrid with NXT Tour 18. I was quite skeptical at first because i broke both strings in 3 weeks so to average each string had about 1.5 weeks of playing time. So i was very concerned on the durability of this combo...
after about 3 serve practice sessions, 3 ground stroke practice sessions...
durability wise they are holding up very well... the nxt isnt fraying yet (yay)

How the set up plays is a totally different story compared to gut or stand-alone syn gut or multi... (i've demoed a lot of racquets and they have all kinds of syn/multi on them so i have a modest idea of how stuff plays)
The string bed is quite boardy feeling, i'd not try for touch shots with it. but for groundies... these hit unbelievable! i hit with my old hitting partner who i couldnt handle a month ago and he couldnt handle me now..
the amount of heaviness and spin i almost got a short ball everytime i wanted to end the point. the naturally inherent lack of power i could take big cuts and load up...

thats all the good, but there are also the bad...
the stiffness on off-center shots and late shots sent shock to the elbow... so it definitely is a landmind for tennis elbow... :(

07-23-2008, 06:27 PM
i think if i get 10 hours per racquet out of this set up then i'd be happy