View Full Version : Lux Ace vs. BAM vs. Pro Line II 1.15mm

07-26-2008, 09:53 PM
For those that don't know the acronyms:
Luxilon Ace 112
Pro Supex Big Ace Micro 1.15mm
Kirschbaum Pro Line II 1.15mm

Basically all three are thin polys, I'm interested in hearing feedback from people that have tried at least two and can compare them. They all seem like pretty similar products, I've heard great things about all three. Personally I've only tried Pro Line II 1.15mm and Big Ace Micro 1.15mm I like the Pro Line better but I may be a bit biased since it was on a frame I prefer over the other so feel free to disagree with me. I felt that the Pro Line vibrates and have more feel and ball pocketing.

I'm interested in buying a pack later of one of the three and would like to know which one has the consensus for the better string. Thanks for any feedback.