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07-29-2008, 09:10 AM
Both Head are in good shape.
with nomal to grommet scratch.
Both Volkl are used in 9/10 condition, may be better.
no painting dent or chip, only top gurad(grommet) have nomal scratch.

Head Microgel Prestige Mid+,9/10, grip 4 1/4, strung
Head Ti Classic Mid+, 8.5/10, grip 4 1/4, with orginal bag
I only sell both Head racquets together
Tour 10 v-engine- 98sqin, grip: 4 3/8, strung 9/10 left, with orginal bag
C10 pro tour- 93sqin, grip:L2 4 1/4, strung 9/10 left, with orginal bag
bought brand new from Tennis Warehouse

,vzbuse@hotmail.com,Paypal prefered

07-29-2008, 02:49 PM
Head would sell individually

07-29-2008, 08:58 PM
both Volkl sold

07-30-2008, 06:05 AM
can you put the price here?

07-30-2008, 08:02 AM
You should list the prices if you want to sell your rackets fast.

07-30-2008, 03:16 PM
Thanks for suggestions.
About price, now highest offer for MG Prestige is $120, and I am looking for whoelse will buy my both Head $150 shipped.
sorry I only got dial-up at home. You know it really hurt me whenever I connect to internet. And adsl is not available in my living area.
again sorry.

If you want to see pictures, you can contact with me "vzbuse@hotmail.com" I will bring pictures to office and send it to you. At least, doing email is fine in office, but personal web surfing is not good.

08-01-2008, 04:30 PM
Remember, TT frowns on running auctions in the For Sale threads...wouldn't want to see you get banned for it...

08-02-2008, 10:53 AM