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07-30-2008, 07:32 PM
I recently bought a RQiS 1 tour to play around with.
Just want to discuss :)

Before I was playing mainly with Ksurge and Tfeel 305 16*19. I demoed ozone tour, APDC, microgel radical mp and aerogel 300, though.

powerwise the RQiS is really really low. It's the lowest among all these racquets. I have to make conscious effort to hit it near the baseline.

Howver, it also feels very light... which is one point I failed to realize from the specs/review. It swings obviously lighter than my tfeel.

Servewise, I don't think it's any less powerful than the other racquets. It's just that every racquet hits a little bit different and need some get-used-to.

The best thing about RQiS is I guess, very comfortable and easy to control. I really sense the difference when I play them interchangably. With tfeel my depths are much better but the shots go more erratic.

I've nevered tried K95's, I am wondering if they are of similar characteristics. However, with the Ksurge I already felt the stiffness of the racquet and racquets from wilson in the K-factor line seemed to be a little bit stiffer. Any comments?

Oh by the way I had an old racquet from named RD-Ti Pro. Head size is maybe a little bigger than 100. I can't find it anywhere on their website (even the Japanese one which has their old line listed as well.) do anyone know what racquet actually is that?

NSRP... maybe 3.5?

07-31-2008, 05:28 AM
Hi Tim,

I've been playing with the RQis 1 tour for the last 5 month and once you get use to it, I found really difficult to change it. I've been also testing some Babs looking for more power (PD, PDC and APD) and yes, you get deeper shots, but can't get the same feeling and control I get with the RQis.

Last week I changed the grip for a leather one and stringed it with Lux AP mains and Yonex 850 pro crosses both on 55.. great hybrid combination, try it!.. if looking for more power try on 54 or 53.. power change a lot whit the string type and tensions. Also you can add some weight on the top of the racquet.

I think the K6.1 has more power but is not as confortable as the yonex... but I only played it once.

07-31-2008, 10:44 AM
Thanks for the recommendations! Right now I strung it with a Head RIP control 17 at 55 lbs. Not a very powerful string I'd say.

07-31-2008, 01:27 PM
I've been playtesting the rquis tour 1 as well. I quite like this racquet. It has a nice blend of control ,feel, maneuvrability and pop. For me, it really shines on volleys because the head is quite stiff and volleys can be punched deep. First serves are also very good. I have some trouble on my second serves at the moment but I probably need to get some more practice in with this stick. I like the spin potential too.

I guess my main problem with this racquet is the control on groundtsrokes... I've been playing with lead, I probably added 15-20g at 3,9 and at the butt. It lookd like it's not the right combination although the weight seems good for me and the balance is still very headlight. The racquet feels pretty light still and tend to shorten my swing to avoid hitting long on groundstrokes. That's the annoying thing, but I'll keep on experimenting with lead, this racquet deserves more playing time.

Have you guys experienced the same?

08-04-2008, 09:10 PM
an update: after playing with it for a week I no longer find it powerless. It's definitely not very powerful; it has less pop and did cause some problem when I am returning serves (serves that are not that strong but because I am slow I can only try to pop it back but this racquet does not pop the ball like the racquets I used before.) But after I found the right way to swing it it's very comfortable, very easy to get depth (but pace may be another problem) and very precise.

08-08-2008, 02:13 PM
I have an rqis and I think taht with good stroke it s more powerful than radical microgel mp or aerogel 300, but it s only my opinion

08-08-2008, 02:26 PM
I too have a RQiS Tour 1. Coming from a Head Radical, this racquet definately feels more control oriented. Its hard for me to switch to another racquet right now because qith the RQiS, Ive developed quite a big swing. I guess with practice I could adjust. I recently tried the Becker 11 and found that that racquet gave me more power and also more spin while keeping the ball in play. Although the only problem with that racquet is that its feel more stiff than the Yonex and hurts my wrist a bit more.