View Full Version : Couple of Demos from friend. Good results.

07-31-2008, 09:22 AM
Ok, so my friend got some demos and I luckily was able to use them both today. First one I used was the T-Fight 335 (18x20), and the second one was the Babolat Pure Storm Lmt.

Thoughts on T-Fight: Really stable, and could easily hit a heavy shot, whether it was flat or topspin. IMO it suits flat hitters pretty well, but topspin is there if you want it to be, but it probably won't be as heavy as one would hit with... say a K90. I'd say groundstrokes were the best part of the racquet. Many people who demoed this racquet say it is a serve and volley type racquet, but I disagree. I found volleys to be a little off for me. Serve was a little off as well, but it was still pretty decent serving. I do serve and volley during matches, but I just couldn't muster up the courage to do it with the T-Fight. Maybe b/c I was playing against a girl today T.T. In any case, I would say b/c I haven't hit with it extensively, I can't make full conclusions, but based upon today, this is what I got.

Thoughts on the PSL: I think this is a bread and butter racquet. Groundstrokes were amazing, and the low-poweredness made it all the better b/c it allowed me to fully swing out. I never hit with so much confidence with the PSL than i have with many other racquets, and trust me, I have tried ALOT of racquets. But the PSL is on top of my list with the K90. The flex is low so it is very comfortable and it gives alot more control. Feel was REALLY good considering it was a Babolat, and just so everyone knows, it was strung up with XCel, not sure if it was Power or Premium(leaning towards the Premium). Haven't got to hit any serves or volleys with the thing so again, I can't make conclusions, but I must say, I'm quite taken with the racquet. I'm thinking with some lead tape, this stick can be quite the monster. Might have to get one off the classifieds if I can. All in all, amazing racquet. Never thought I'd say it but... Nice job Babolat, you made a true players stick.

07-31-2008, 02:26 PM
Also, I must say the grip sizes could have something to do with it.

The T-Fight was a 4 1/2 grip size, and the babolat was a 4 3/8, but it felt somewhere in between 4 1/4- 4 3/8 (didnt have an overgrip on it). And my normal grip size is around 4 1/8- 4 1/4

The PSL felt fine though. Any PSL users out there? I'm very interested in the racquet. Prob gonna get one myself, or trade one of my K90's for one.