View Full Version : ~nike air zoom vapor 5: initial impressions~

08-01-2008, 05:48 PM
after trying on the a3 acclerators, i decided to exchange them for something else (see http://tt.tennis-warehouse.com/search.php?searchid=3278181). so i exchanged them for some vapor Vs (this one http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/descpageMSNIKE-NV5WN.html) because i like the look and they fit my foot pretty well

some observations

length is true to size
fit is nice and snug (good kind of snug) at the heel and midfoot. good glove-like fit
very light
where as the midfoot and heel are glove-like, the toe box opens up abit more which i really like. the toe box isnt too spacious but offers just enough space to be very comfy
feels like very stable shoe. the thick plastic piece that cradles the heel is IMO a very nice feature, almost like a built-in ankle brace
flexible shoe. material is pretty thin making this shoe seem sleek and not bulky. this probably influenced the lightness and probably also the durability (see below)
the material is abit thin, especially above the toe box. doesnt look too durable
arch support is medium, fits my foot pretty nicely
shoe laces are ok length. i would like them to be abit longer but thats just me
the ankle cut is abit higher than im used to at the heel. not a bit problem as i;ll get used to it
seems pretty well ventilated. has a good amount of mesh and perforations. of course i wont be able to tell how well ventilated it is until i actually try them out on the courts
walked around the house for a while and these seem to be pretty well cushioned. again, wont know how good the cushioning really is until i play
nice low to the ground feel, something i look for in a shoe
they squeak abit when u walk

all the things i can think of at the moment, i;ll add more if i think of it. seems like its gonna be an awesome shoe. too bad it doesnt come with a warrantee. hopefully it;ll last long despite. if anyones got any quesions, i;ll try my best to answer them. if anyones got any other feedback, please feel free to post

once i;ve played in these enough, i;ll post a review on them (probably in 2-3 months)