View Full Version : Tell me your Funniest/Strangest thing that happen while playing tennis.

08-15-2008, 06:03 PM

08-15-2008, 06:44 PM
I can't think of something too outrageous off the top of my head, but I was hitting with my friend today and I shanked a ball right into a small garbage can the court over. :|

08-15-2008, 06:54 PM
I was hitting with one of my friends & I accidently stepped on his sunglasses when I was walking past our bags. When he was practicing serves I could tell he had serious rage. One of his fast ones bounced a foot or two in front of me & bounced up & hit me square in the nuts. He'd gotten his payback. Lol man did that hurt.

08-15-2008, 08:59 PM
I lobbed the ball and my friend smashed the ball. He miss timed it, so it was stuck on the throat. but the thing is, his racquet have an antitorsion bar (kinda like the POG) and somehow the ball was squash in there. He took a picture with his cell. I'll see if i can get it from him...

08-15-2008, 09:42 PM
Long story but worth the read trust me

ok so i was playing tennis at night time and there were some birds flying right, you know they were trying to get the bugs that hand out around the lights. So my friend my tries hitting one with a tennis ball and the bird actually takes off after it and tries to bite it but once the ball starts coming dwn it stops, so we keep trying with no sucess so we just keep on playing. He ends up rushing the net and i try throwing up as high a lob as possible when BOOM a birds hits the ball and takes a spiral fall to the ground. So were looking at wondering wtf, and we find out that we it fell it broke its back or something cause it wouldnt get up and could only move one wing. So since i didnt want it to suffer we put its head under a plank that was under some mini stands. So if we pick the plank up itll fall down with some hardcore pressure. Anyways we put the birds head under the plank and bam smash it. So im thinking up some prayers for bird when i see its wing twitch now this freaked me out cause im thinking it must be in even worse pain then before, im pretty sure it was just the wind blowing its wing because its head was completly splattered but to be on the safe side we went ahed and smashed it one more time, please keep in mind we are not doing this for torture we are doing this so it doesnt suffer. So we go to the football field to bury it out of respect and once were done we go back to playing to get this off our mind. Now the birds are attacking balls even lower and a funny thing was right after my buddy hit the ball a bird swooped down and almost took his head off(exageration) but it was hilarios. After all this eperience we just went home. Pretty crazy night

08-15-2008, 11:20 PM
alright i got one. So one day i was playing tennis with my friend and we decided to play doubles with some people on the public courts and one of our opponents lob the ball and i hit a overhead smash and it hits his partner flush in the balls. He falls down and is in pain. I feel bad and apologize. Since this he cant play doubles any more and my friend is tired so i play the other guy in singles. I beat the guy really bad. So after the match i shake hands and leave my racket next to my friend (babolat pure drive w/cortex) and go to the water fountain. But while i'm drinking water i see them start to leave and i say bye and when i come back to get my racket its gone. And im frantically looking for it with my friend and we realize that the guy i played in singles stole my racket while he was talking to my friend. I was ****ed. How could someone with his family (had a kid, his wife, his cousin/friend) steal a 15year olds racket. But the interesting part is i see this same guy one year later. And im thinking i just wanna kick his butt. So i approach him and surprising he says he remembers playing me a year ago. And right off the bat i tell him did you steal my racket. This guy says no im still using this crappy racket which was probably a walmart federer edition racket. And out of no concrete proof im not able to force him to tell me or call the cops so i tell him, I better not see you with a babolat pure drive roddick, and i leave. It really ****es me off that someone of that age would lie and deceit a kid like me. But from this I can only learn that i need to keep my racket with me at all times. Wow sorry for the long read guys but i just had to get that off my chest. Even though it was a long time ago i still get ****ed off about it time to time.

08-15-2008, 11:28 PM
My friend and I were just casually rallying back and forth when my friend suddenly yelled, "Oh my God!" I thought he had injured himself or something so I ran over to his side. I saw that he was staring at something on the ground. When I got over to his side of the court I saw a hugeeee dragonfly lying on the ground. I had taken the dragonfly right out of the air when we were rallying haha.

08-16-2008, 12:44 AM
I saw a friend of mine playing serve a ball up his opponents skirt

08-16-2008, 01:36 AM
mine involves angry dogs. dun wanna talk about it..:???: