View Full Version : "Lis Pendens" problem, any attorneys or real estate agent that can advise me?

08-21-2008, 09:45 PM
I know this is really off base but...

My parents gave me some property back in 2006 so my wife and I could build a home. We were just now trying to go through the loan process and we found that my dad (because of his construction company) has been sued and there is a "Lis Pendens" on our property. This "lis pendens" was filed on May 30th of this year. How can they put a lien on our property if I've owned it free and clear for 2 years?!

I do have the same name as my father so I'm thinking this may be a case of mistaken identity. Anyone know how I could get this taken off? Or a good website (discussion forum) where I can find this type of information?