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03-29-2004, 04:36 AM
I ordered the Head LM Prestige MP from TW and figured to have them string it since the cost was the cost of strings. I ordered the LUX Alu Ice strung at 54 lbs. I was so happy to get it and dying to get out and play this weekend. Did not even check the tension before walking out onto the court with it. After the first ball strike I knew something was wrong. Felt like a trampoline, and nothing like the demo I used for a week and certainly not like I was expecting with Poly strings. Hit two more times and same thing. Went to the string meeter and it read 44lbs. I know these are relative measures. Check many strings and all the same. Checked my two HPS 6.1 with same strings, which I strung myself. Both were at 55lbs and most strings and none below 54lbs. What a let down. I could not play with the racquet even after trying for a full set. Had to put it down and go back to my HPS. Will be cutting strings out tonight and stringing it again. Wasted 14 bucks I guess.

TW Staff
03-29-2004, 06:02 AM
John, I'm sorry to hear about this and will look into it immediately. In the meantime, we'll be glad to replace the Luxilon strings at no charge. I'll have someone contact you today. Don/Tennis Warehouse

03-29-2004, 06:22 AM
I bought a Tour 90 from TW and asked for it to be strung at mid-range. I couldn't get any feel in the racket and took it to a good stringer locally. His view was that the strings had never been anything like mid-range. I told TW -- not really a complaint, just a point of info. I still like TW's service so when I bought another Tour 90 last week I asked them to string it with a Klip hybrid at a higher tension. But when I got it the tension was nothing like the 60lbs I asked for. So I had to restring. I still like TW's service -- and I am a good customer -- but this is a problem.

03-29-2004, 07:34 AM
I purchased a HPS 6.1 with whatever the "special" was at the time and had it strung at the top of the range. I was very satisfied with the string job. In fact I have always been pleased with TW service. Once I bought 2 rackets and paid extra for expedited service. It took 10 days for the rackets to get to me. I contacted TW and their customer service folks apologized profusely and refunded a portion of the purchase price. I would be very surprised if they do not satisfy you on the stringing.

Jerry Seinfeld
03-29-2004, 07:36 AM
Sometimes extreme temperatures can occur in shipping, expecially if it is shipped via airmail. String tension can be impacted by these extreme changes in temperature. Not to make excuses, just a factor to take into consideration.

03-29-2004, 07:41 AM
Those tension meters are not accurate. It can't measure tension on anything but one section of the string and it's accuracy is dubious.

03-29-2004, 07:47 AM
I agree that the cause of the undertensioning described above is most likely due to cargo transport of these frames to their buyers. TW seems to take its tennis and its customer service very, very seriously, and not getting the tension right seems like too much of a rookie error to be plausible.

This raises two points though: why doesn't my tension drop when I carry-on my frames on flights (or even check them, as I had to from Montreal last year), and the other point, why wouldn't TW recommend boosting tension if the racket is going to be shipped.

This news is kind of a drag because for those of us who do not string/own a stringing machine, having TW string the frame(s) is a n excellent deal that allows a buyer to try out an enormous range of strings at great prices.

Hawaii 5.0
03-29-2004, 08:28 AM
Imo it's the shipping becuase although I've never ahd TW string a frame of mine(I do all of mine myself)I'm fully confident and trusting of their abilities.I flew with 2 of my frames in the belly of the plane and 2 in my carryon once and the 2 in the belly were like at 40 lbs when I landed and imo it's becuase of lack of pressure or extreme heat and cold.If you had it shipped by ground I'd be more trusting than by air.String meter's aren't necessarily accurate and give a relative amount of tension to guage stringer accuracy from frame to frame.Like when you get 3 frames from a shop and 2 are close and 1 is way off.It's not necessarily designed to measrue exact tension.

03-29-2004, 08:35 AM
Somehow I think you guys are blowing this out of proportion just a bit. Yeah a racquet may lose some tension in transport but it would take and extreme amount of heat over an extended amount of time to loosen it that much, especially on a high quality poly (Tom Martinez, Gaines and Hawaii could comment better). I've been told that the cargo hold on a plane can reach zero to sub zero temps. I don't think extreme cold would cause stretching, brittleness maybe.

I think it was simply human error. It does happen even to the best stringers. Have any of you guys ever strung 25 - 30 frames a day? You can get cross-eyed after a 8 hours of non-stop stringing. He probably read 54lbs on the stringing tag and set 44lbs on the machine. I wouldn't worry about, TW will give you the benefit of the doubt if there was a mistake. I had a mistake in one of my orders and they promptly corrected the problem at no cost to me.

03-29-2004, 08:44 AM
Another thing to consider is that you're going to get different results if you bring your racquet to two different stringers that could be right next door. One might use a constant pull stringer, while the other might not. If you tell them to string you racquet at the same tension, you'll likely get one that's about 10% different from the other. That doesn't sound like much, but it's 5 lbs if you tell them to string it at 50.

As for the string-o-meter, I've never had repeatable results with those. Also, if the string-o-meter says 44lbs, the racquet could very well have been strung at 54. They'll always read lower than the tension strung. You lose a lot of tension in the 24 hours after you've strung a racquet. How much, depends on string type, prestretching, etc. If you're getting 54 from teh sting-o-meter on your HPS 6.1, you should probably calibrate your stringer, because my guess is that those racquets were probably strung at over 60lbs.

03-29-2004, 09:26 AM
This is all good advice. I have actually checked the calibration of my stringer and it is on the money. I know there are many factors that can lead to tension loss. However, I have not found much loss with Lux ALU and the racquets I referenced it to have had same string in them for some time so they should have lost tension even more than my new one. I was not trying to imply bad things about tw. I have bought losts of stuff from them and will continue to do so in the future. I find their service to be very good. As far as the strings being under tensioned, I have been stringing my own racquest for years and know when a string is not right. I think it was actually just simple error, a miss read of the desired tension most likely. No hard feelings. I was more expressing my disapointment in not being able to use my new toy right away. These things happen, no big deal.

I do want to let you guys know how good the service has been since I posted this issue. I got an immediate resonse from TW and they are making everything right. I was not expecting this positive response. I am impressed. I have gotten my last 4 racquest from TW and will be getting my second Prestige from them once I am sure it is the one for me for the next two years. Here is their response.


Again, I apologize for what appears to be an improperly tensioned string job on your Liquidmetal Prestige.

I found your order, and will have 2 replacement sets of Luxilon Alu-Power 16L (Ice) mailed out to you today - one to replace the set initially installed, and the other to compensate you for the time, trouble and expense of having your racquet restrung.

Please let me know if you experience any more problems with stringing from Tennis Warehouse.

Kind Regards,

Don Hightower
Tennis Warehouse

Mike Werblin
03-29-2004, 11:16 AM
I have found TW to have excellent customer service. Whenever I've had any problem they have been very helpful and fast about fixing it. I have bought lots of stuff from TW over the past 3-4 years and I plan to purchase my next racquets from them, once I decide between the Yonex RDX 500 and the Head LM Prestige.

03-29-2004, 11:33 AM
... However, I have not found much loss with Lux ALU ...


A Polyester string, such as Lux ALU, loses it's tension faster than about any other type of string.

That said, it doesn't mean you didn't get a bad set of strings.

david aames
03-29-2004, 11:44 AM
Also, don't forget that Luxilon recommend to string 10lbs below tension. The stringer might have chosen to follow that path...

03-29-2004, 01:15 PM
I had thought about that but it is not 10lbs lower, but rather 10% lower. I requested 54lbs, that would only be 49lbs. It was easily lower than that, I just think it was an honest mistake.

03-29-2004, 01:57 PM
Props to TW for sending John 2 sets of strings. they sure didnt have to do that IMO. it could have been just an anomoly and also string tension is really little more than a reference number and one stringers 54 can be quite a bit diff than anothers 54. impt is to be consistent. my opinion is that people tend to string too tightly in general. I'd be curious to know how many complaints TW gets of this nature....i bet it's pretty small. Ed

03-29-2004, 02:34 PM
Very interesting thread...over a year ago I bought a TiClassic for my brother online at TW and we decided to splurge on fancy strings as he rarely puts the top notch stuff in. I requested NRG SPL 17 (I'm pretty sure that's what we chose) and that it be strung just a bit over the midrange. I had sent my brother a few different emails asking how the racquet was and all was suspiciously quiet. Turns out he didn't want to "look a gift horse in the mouth" so to speak, and was reluctant to mention that he had hit with it and couldn't control shots whatsoever, balls were trampolining all over the place. He ended up having the strings cut out and then restrung at his club...night and day difference. The good news is he absolutely loved the racquet once he got higher tension strings in there, but we were obviously bummed that our big idea to splurge on the top shelf strings was in vain. Like most all here mention, TW is a great outfit and I have high regards for them for sure...this thread just rang a bell for me so I felt compelled to respond to it. As good as these quality shops are, some big tension issues definitely can happen.

30 - 15 is my ad
03-29-2004, 10:09 PM
should have dealt with the stringing issue via email as opposed to on the message board. TW has always given me nothing but the best customer service! Fast, knowledgeable, and helpful, as well as very generous resolution to any problems I have encountered...

03-30-2004, 04:48 AM
If posting this was an attempt to complain too TW and have them fix the problem, you are right it should have been done thru email, which was done. I probably should have left the last sentence off of the first post. I was not looking for them to "fix" the probem for me by the post and did not expect or need it to be fixed for me to be happy about my racquet or the service. I was really being egocentric about my dissapointment about not being able to really play with my new toy right away. If I had paid attention I would have checked it before I played and replaced the strings myself before I got to the court the first time. Something that I almost always do before a competitive match. I had posted earlier that I would write a second review of racquet after I got ALU in it. When I started the post I was just trying to convey my dissapointment about not being able to play with it right away, it just morphed a little as I wrote. Sorry TW, I did add their responce and quick correction to the issue in a later post.

By the way. I have restrung it with ALU and will be playing in a USTA league match thru and will write the review then. Sorry about the delay.