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03-29-2004, 05:29 AM
In the past couple of years I've worn either the Prince Scream QT or Head Games mid cut tennis shoes. Recently purchased the Reebok Bonzer (great price and great reviews). Unfortunately I've had my toes slammed into the end of the shoe (got three purple toe nails to prove it) more with the Bonzer in the past 4 weeks than I ever had before in my life.

Looking to move back to either the Head or Prince shoes (even though I have to pull the strings extrememly tight; making the shoes strings extremely long) to get them to fit my narrow foot.

Just wanting to know if anyone here can compare the new Head Strong shoes to the Head Games OR new Prince Fastcourt to the Prince Scream QT shoes?



03-29-2004, 10:29 AM
I would like to know, too. I've also usually worn Prince shoes in the past, both the NFS and QuickTrac styles. I just started wearing a new pair of Reebok Bonzer Mids and even with my thick Thorlo socks, I've been jamming my toes into the front of the shoes. Very painful. I've tried pulling the laces tighter but then it just hurts the top of my feet and makes the shoes much less comfortable and harder to move in. I think the "toe slamming" problem may be particularly bad in the Bonzers because of two things, 1). the insoles are very slippery and do not grip the bottom of your socks, thus, your feet will slide easily over the top of the insoles and your toes will slam into the front of the shoe, and 2.) the front of the shoe has a very large and hard toe cap on it so that when your toes do slam into the front of the shoe, it hits a very hard and unforgiving barrier. I wish people had mentioned this toe slamming problem in the review and feedback for the Bonzers but all I heard was praise for this shoe's cushioning, comfort, and durability. All of this may be true but your toes may not survive as long as the shoes will.

03-29-2004, 11:00 AM
If you're open to Nike, the Air Resolve Mid is a wonderful shoe with Nike's notoriously poor durability backed up (with this model) with a 6-month guarantee.

Hawaii 5.0
03-29-2004, 10:13 PM
Well you want a Mid topped shoe that is narrow.Going with Prince and Head was the wrong way to go in the first place since Prince has a wide and deep toe box and regular instep in their QT Screams and NFS Viper 2's.Head's Game shoes are made by prince so they fit similar, but I'd look into the Resolve's which aren't as wide and are more shapely to the foot so may fit better.I'd worry becuase they have a big hard toe cap and funky synthetic toe cover and they are stiff, but have a warranty.Wilson makes an 800 mid that is very good(full leather upper,nicely designed support,near fully herringbone pattern,warrtied outsole,good ventilation).Prince makes the QT Fastcourt (I got a free pair of the lows and I like them alot,even though I'm not a Prince fan)which is an excellent shoe with great cushion,traction,decent durability,and excellent support and isn't nearly as wide as other Prince's but has a very normal width.The only thing I can say is that they might pinch on top of your toes at first, but that goes away fast and it breaks in nicely.Neither of these shoes have a toe cap of any worry.

03-29-2004, 10:33 PM
Good advice, 5.0. I'm a committed mid-user. I like the Princes; for me, the NFS line fits a bit better than the NFFs, which have a lower toe box, but both are shaped to allow those of us with long toes, first AND second, a little more room. Problem is, the NFS shoes are a lot heavier than the NFFs. I agree the Princes aren't the best for narrow feet. I'm not that wide, mostly normal, like a D. I'm currently using the Wilson 700s and I like them a lot. I'm interested in the Head Games, too. Comments?

03-30-2004, 05:15 AM

I used the Prince QT Scream for quite a long time without a problem. Before that I tried a NFS shoe by Prince and that is when I first started have plantaar faciitis. I loved the QT Scream shoe (except for having the laces be so long because of pulling them tight) but after about 5 pairs of them I eventually wanted to try something new. So I went for the Head Games and I like them pretty good too. Seemed a lot like the QT Scream but a little lighter. Decided to try the Bonzers because they were $40 and got rave reviews and I heard they were more narrow than what I was used too....BIG mistake. Have 3 black toes because if I tie them tight it causes pain on the top of my foot and if I tie them loose my feet slide around.

I felt the toe box of the Scream was a lot more narrow (ie: a LOT better fit for me) than the one in the NFS.

Would you say the Fastcourt shoes are more narrow than the Screams?

Thanks for the help.


Hawaii 5.0
03-30-2004, 11:50 AM
To my knowledge I don't know the design of the Fastcourts shaping whether it's NFF or NFS or what, but it defintiely doesn't fit like either the QT Scream,NFF Fit or the NFS Viper, but more like say an Adidas or Wilson shoe.The Fastcourts are more narrow throughout the whole shoe thant eh QT Screams.The Fastcourts are kinda like the CT1000's which are NB's new flagship with much more technolgy and design going into the shoe and better quality materials for a tighter fit and feel.I found the Screams to be loose shoes that were wide,deep and even if your foot fit well in them they really are for people with medium heels and insteps, but wide toeboxes or long toes.The lacing on could be better and they really don't hold up well on hardcourts or heavy use.They are good shoes for the money and many stores offer a warranty on the outsoles, but like how the Ct1000's are a far superior shoe in almost every aspect to the 652,801,749 series the Fastcourt is much more performance oriented and thus tighter fitting as well as being more narrow proportionally.Medium form heel to toe and the slight pinch of the leather on the top of your toes goes away and they play nicely.