View Full Version : Two overgrips instead of replacement grip

09-05-2008, 10:58 PM
Some pro use two overgrips and skipped the replacement grip entirely... what's the advantage of doing that (besides the change in feel)?

Anyone here does the same thing? can you share your thoughts?

09-05-2008, 11:00 PM
Probably like the extra vibrations... and it's probably thinner.

Mad iX
09-05-2008, 11:04 PM
I used to use a 4 3/8 grip size but one day bought a racket with 4 1/2 because it was only one I could find. I took off the replacement grip and put on two overgrips instead to get it to the usual size I'm used to.
After a while, I found I preferred the feel of it.

09-05-2008, 11:04 PM
you get more topspin

09-05-2008, 11:06 PM
Probably like the extra vibrations... and it's probably thinner.

I tried it on my old racquet... A LOT thinner, also make it siginificantly more head heavy... but I bet pros do it for some sort of feel, not to change grip size / racquet balance.

So some pros love the harsh feeling of a ridgey stiff with lots of vibration?

09-06-2008, 04:49 PM
i took of the grip on my AG200 nd put two tournas under one wilson pro, absorbs sweat amazingly and the bevels are nice and pronounced

09-06-2008, 05:23 PM
you get more topspin

i hope that was a joke...

09-07-2008, 04:49 PM
Definitely allows u to feel the bevels, but gives you crazy calluses.

Il Mostro
09-08-2008, 08:06 PM
I've tried 2 over grips but didn't care for the feel. I went with RPNY's super thin grip plus and over grip and it feels just right. Pronounced bevels, lots of feel but no harshness or vibration. I did this to make a couple of my L3 TF's a little smaller.

09-09-2008, 06:43 AM
I was just about to start a post about this. I have 2 of the same racquets. One with a 4 1/4 and the other 4 5/8. I prefer the 1/4 and the 5/8 was purchased used. Last night I decided to remove the replacement grip and go with 2 overgrips on the 5/8 to make them a little more even and it seems to make a HUGE difference.

As of now the 1/4 has the original and 2 overgrips and the 5/8 only has 2 overgrips.

Both racquets almost feel exactly the same now and I'm looking forward to hitting with the 5/8 one soon!

09-09-2008, 06:51 AM
i just got a couple of 4 1/2 grip racquets, infact all my racquets are that size handle wise, i rather build up the grip then have too big of a handle
i currently have 2 overgrips on mine, that takes it to the right size
my sisters racquets which i take care off, also are build up like that, hers are 4 1/4 and have 3 overgrips on them
in regards to the vevels on the handle, we are not that picky about them so its not really all that importatnt when they are a little round atafter 3 overgrips, you can still tell at that point
the handle does seem to have very good confort feel and dampening is also notisable when you build up like that

09-10-2008, 10:43 AM

- more bevel feel
- more head heavy

there isn't much else besides feel. which i have to say even if you have two racquets at the same size the one with only overgrips will feel smaller.

09-10-2008, 12:28 PM
this is what gave me TE 3 years ago...

09-10-2008, 03:03 PM
this is what gave me TE 3 years ago...

Which racquet were you using?

09-10-2008, 03:07 PM
ps85... which is great with leather, greatest i`ve tried for TE