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09-10-2008, 01:47 AM

Dedans Penthouse
09-10-2008, 05:36 AM
LOL, I noticed that too recently when I first stumbled across her "country singer" video.

How would I rate Jessica Simpson as a country singer? Well, put it this way: she's got a nice ***.

Jessica's Svengali-esque DAD is probably the one trying to convince us that she's a country singer and having the 'juice' that he does have, I'm sure he was buring up the lines in "Music City" (Nashville) trying to get this calculated project off the ground.

Background: The Nashville music scene "back then" was for the most part, a "closed shop" meaning that it was insular compared to NY & LA pop music circles respective to record labels, studios, producers and the like with producers and record label presidents/owners often sharing both titles. Futhermore, "Bible-belt-values" was the law of the land in country music and so those "God-less outsiders" really couldn't gain a foothold in the country music door. In the 80's it started to open somewhat; a number of (studio) musicians saw Nashville's new emerging "new country" buzz cross-over into the pop realm and many an LA studio musican saw this as a sign to "go East, young man!" in order to jump on the Country/POP-hyrbid bandwagon. Country was changing from the more traditional "hair-slicked-back/rhinestone" Grand Ol' Opry type acts to acts whose music would reflect country-POP influences such as the Eagles, etc.. To cite a later and more noticeable example of Nashville's market being penetrated by outside forces would be Shania Twain and her soon-to-be-husband/Def Leppard producer Mutt Lange. Mutt Lange himself already had 'major juice' in rock circles, having helped brainstorm and then produce a number of hugely successful platinum albums for the band Def Leppard. And yet, even after he took Shania under his wing (and with his "professional chops") and launched a very successful 'country' album of hers that generated major cross-over buzz, there were elements in Nashville who still asked the question: "just who do these outsiders think they are?!"

Simpson has one thing going for her: she already has name recognition which allows her access to "resources" (songwriters, studios, musicians, etc.) and thusly there's gonna be a music industry producer who would definitely want to take a shot producing her "country-wise." Hell, if Rod Steward is now being successfully sold as a smoky crooner, why not "nice-***-Jess" as a Daisy Mae type Country-coquette? On the other hand, Simpson's "name recognition" may work against her as well with Simpson being viewed as an "interloper" hailing from an "outside" market. So thusly, any cross-over foray of hers into the country music field is going to be subject to much scruntiny along with the preconceived notions and the cynicism of the Nashville community as well as their "country-wide" audience. Do note that while Nashville's "New Country" acts have adopted many of the musical/video trappings of VH-1, there nevertheless is still a substantial "Bible-belt" core making up the Country Music market audience .

Examples of this "Bible-belt" component would be the semi-ostracizing of the sublimely talented, "androganous" K.D. Lang (one of the purest voices in popular music today, imho) as well as the backlash levied against the Dixie Chicks (radio station bans, etc.) when they "apologized" to a London audience for having come from the same state (Texas) as G.W. Bush. Personally (even if I essentially agreed with their sentiments of Bush), I think the Dixie Chicks pulled a real P.R. faux pax with that one, but what's more, I think their bigger mistake was uttering it on foreign soil; THAT was flat-out dumb. That was viewed as airing your dirty laundry out in public for the entertainment of--that word again---"OUTSIDERS" (Londoners).

Back to Jessica (sorry for the ramble): Simpson's album--curiously, I given it a once-over listen--is a project that essentially imho is a "non-performance" gussied up in a very professional package. As with many/most albums of established singers, the songs on the album are written by professional songwriters; in this case, Hillary Lindsey, Aimee Mayo, Chris Lindsey, Troy Verger ("name" songwritters) and the title track---which was probably for the purpose of giving the album some launching power---features a duet with the 'Cantelope Queen' of Country, Ms. Dolly Parton herself, who, being a very accomplished songwritter in her own right, wrote the title track for the album as well. As for Simpson's "country" chops, well, like I said, she has a nice ***. She equates singing loud with emoting and when dialing it down volume-wise, she lacks the 'cry' of a true "lady" country singer. Rebe McIntyre she ain't. But to her credit, again, she DOES have a nice ***. .....end of ramble.....wink~!......

09-10-2008, 05:58 AM
Never mind the country part? How about the singer part?lol

Dedans Penthouse
09-10-2008, 06:09 AM
What's next?....sister Ashley lip-syncing at Carnegie Hall
"singing" Mimi's arias from La Boheme? lol