View Full Version : My thoughts on ALU POWER 16 + Wilson Reaction 16

09-11-2008, 04:49 PM
I just got my racquet back with BB ALU POWER 16 (yet again a stringer gives me something I didn't ask for. They told me they only had BBO, but I would have rather had this anyway) on the mains and Wilson Reaction 16 on the crosses.

Racquet is a PSC. Tension is 58 on the mains, 60-62 on the crosses (I was kind of vague so I don't know which one). The machine is older and I heard it's a bit loose.

The first thing I noticed is that my kick serve now looks just like the ones the pros do, with that big pronounced curve, and much more kick. One time I hit one and I swear it did an about face to the left at 90 degrees (partially due to the wind).

When I had PSGD 17, the kick serve was never that good, even when it was fresh. It was just OK.

My slice serve is better now too, and my flat serve is now reliable enough to use at least in a practice match. It's still not that good... I think I was able to hit flat serves more reliably with fresh PSGD 17G, but this is a huge improvement over worn out PSGD.

Although, I was practicing in heavy wind, and flat serves rely greatly on good form...which is hard when the ball moves a foot in the air. New balls will help too.

I can hit underhand serves much more reliably now... with less effort. This should keep me from double faulting like I do 30% of the time with worn out strings. hehe

Unfortunately I definately wouldn't call this an arm friendly setup. It's fine if you hit the sweet spot but if you hit a hard, off-center hit it will hurt your arm...especially with flat serves. I probably should have gone for lower tension on the mains, but it's going to drop anyway...

I didn't have a chance to hit any real forehands, but I had a problem with drop hits going WAY high and out... slice shots were improved though.
It'll take a bit of getting used to, and the strings probably need to settle in first.

Someone had graffiti'ed my wall and there was a cop there so I couldn't very well play there. I'll be able to play with a human tomorrow.

09-13-2008, 10:31 AM
After playing a bit more with this setup I can't say that I recommend it, at least not for the racquet.

It's given me nothing but arm pain and my ground strokes are garbage.

Volleys are nice and controllable, and overheads are reasonably good.

Serves are underwhelming... and they kill my arm.

This is not a good way to make a stiff racquet with a small sweet spot for it's size play better.

09-13-2008, 10:37 AM
Kick serve like a pro then underhand serve?haha a bit of a contrast.

You definitely get more spin out of lux than psgd, but i find it harsh too in my KBT

09-30-2008, 06:32 PM
I'm going to go ahead and declare these strings dead... after a while they loosened up a bit and it played a bit better (good mix of everything... did nothing particularly well), but now I think the crosses have gotten too mushy and I can't serve well enough any more... although everything else isn't bad.

I think I'm going to try full AP Rough but at lower tension, or some sort of multi at high tension.