View Full Version : I need some help on a racquetball racket.

09-12-2008, 07:38 PM
Hey Guys Ė I need some help on a racquetball racket.

One of the guys I string tennis rackets for brought me a racquetball racket to string. Well he wouldnít take no for an answer. I tried to get out of it by telling him Iíve never strung one before, which was true.

The racket was an EKTELON by Prince (the racket from hell). I finally found the string pattern on the Prince site. The first time I went the wrong way on the crosses but since I was doing the two piece stringing as they recommended. I just pulled the crosses out and started over in the other direction and that worked just fine. The recommenced tension was 26 to 34 pounds, so I choose 30.

However, when finished, the strings seemed strung too loose to me, but I have no experience on the things. The guy finally got back to me and confirmed the string was too loose. Oh, I used tennis string 16 ga. Iíve since found that they make a string for Racquetball. Donít know how much difference this makes?

If I did anything improper it was pulling two mains at a time. The throat comes to such a ďVĒ that I could not get a clamp in the area to hold a string. I seem like you are forced to pull two strings. Any one knows if this is correct or not? If correct, do I need to increase the tension to compensate and if so by how much?

Iím using a GAMMA drop weight fix clamp machine.

Thanks Jack S.