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09-26-2008, 10:54 AM
Does anyone have experience and can post pics of the inside of the Becker Special Edition Combi Tennis Bag?



09-26-2008, 02:17 PM
i just departed with my Becker Series (the orange one) Combi... i think the SE would be the same, the inside is this:

Racquet main - has two sleeves that the racquets fit it, the sleeves only cover 2/3 of the racquet head. there is room to fit 3-4 racquets. no thermo-guard. but a nice clean, high quality finish, nice material.

2nd main - good size, but no compartments, just a large area... holds a bunch, the bag material will allow for some expansion, if you really stuff it. same high quality material as the racquet compartment.

accessories compartment - kind of small, but has a pocket for a cell phone, an ID pocket, slips for pens or pencils, a small zip pocket. the material has more of a rubbry finish as compare to the other mains.

shoe compartment... well vented, very large, i could fit my BIV's and Cage II's in there at the same time. (but takes away from the inside of the bag, the racquet compartment gets affected.

the straps are very ergonomical.

the bag is light weight

the material is that of high end durable luggage, high quality ballistic stuff.

the piping on mine split in places... the material never looked worn down or frayed, it just split...

the bottom of the bag has the Serveman logo... the material is slightyl more rugged than the rest of the bag, it holds up.



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09-26-2008, 02:26 PM
cool jc, thanks so much for posting these, very helpful!

Just wondering what did you get to replace it?

09-26-2008, 05:00 PM
I'd have to 2nd Jcstennis on many points with the exact same bag. Much more durable than any Volkl bag, except for the piping which frayed & wore down almost after the 1st month I had the bag. (I've had the bag since August '07). The bottom of the bag has worn through the Serveman logo in many places, so I'm not sure how durable that part really is. I'd still prefer a Becker bag line to come out with straps that will 'hide-away' like Volkl Mega bags always had, but the fact this bag has lasted 13 months of heavy duty daily use without any structural damage shows they're worth the extra money.
I'm waiting for the newest version to arrive from Becker any day now as my replacement.

09-26-2008, 08:19 PM
cool jc, thanks so much for posting these, very helpful!

Just wondering what did you get to replace it?

i wanted a "compartment" bag... with lots of storage options, so i went with the Head Radical Pro Bag... my racquet collection has dwindled, i don't have many racquets anymore, so i don't need much room for carrying them... but i have tons of crap that i haul around so this bag works out nice... i will probably throw a review up this weekend... it's a nice bag, it has some bad points but mostly positive...example, the straps (if you want to call them straps) they also function as the handle for the bag, they are not seperate... the construction seems to be good, it has plastic feet on the bottom, cool! etc...:)