View Full Version : Brand new elbow pain....

09-29-2008, 10:10 AM
OK, so here's my dilema:

I've recently demo'ed a Wilson KBlade racket after using the Prestige Classic 600 for years. Not sure what it was strung with or what the tension was. It felt good enough after playing several sets with it, to go ahead and purchase one. Now, I'm feeling some ache in the back part of my elbow, near where the tricep would end. <sorry dont know the correct terminology> Its as if I took my arm and hit my elbow (bent) on top of a table...dull ache. Its not the typical tennis elbow area (forearm, etc). I feel my stroke production is pretty good (4.5 rating). My question is, when the new frame comes in...should I try a lower string tension? Soft string? Ideas? Kinda frustrating since I've been searching for a replacement for the Prestige...and found it!

10-07-2008, 01:39 AM
keep clear of stiffer strings for a bit.most likely caused by difference in weight distribution between the Kblade and the Prestige you are used to. I found from personal experience this pain is produced from trying to hit too hard when serving and smashing while over strokes are fine. a softer string should help in this regard and getting used to the racquet will take a bit of time and patience.as long as you do not try hit your serve too hard (relax a little and you may find you actually hit it better) you should be ok.