View Full Version : Prestige Liquidmetal liquids my elbow...

03-30-2004, 03:59 AM
or its maybe my poor forehand technique :lol:?

I will continue using my old and beloved Fischer Ellipse...

03-30-2004, 04:28 AM
It is my feeling that most elbow problems are due to one of three problems. Serve pronation without good follow thru, one handed backhand (with light racquet), and poor form on contenental forehand. Strength training is a must for good elbows, since it is really the upper forearm and it's connection to the Humerus at the medial epicondyle. Heavier racquets help more than they hurt, unless you don't have the strength and poor follow thru.

03-30-2004, 05:04 AM
I agree with you, :shock: but I have the same technique with the Fischer and I do not have any problem palying with this racquet. :roll:

03-30-2004, 05:12 AM
Could be the racquet then, or trying a new racquet sometimes changes the way one hits with it. Trying for more to see what the new one will do. The LM Prestige is a rather flexable stick that is hl.

Jerry Seinfeld
03-30-2004, 05:49 AM

What types of strings are you using? This may impact the elbow pain as well.

03-30-2004, 06:20 AM
It was a Test racquet strung with Intellistring

Jerry Seinfeld
03-30-2004, 06:26 AM
What type of strings do you use in your Fischer?

03-30-2004, 07:41 AM
It could also be poor technique on FH regardless of grip. Stiff, light racquets, stiff strings, very tight strings can also hurt your arm...

03-30-2004, 08:15 AM
Babolat Powergy and Babolat Xcel... (yes, I know its maybe the strings but I'm not sure...).