View Full Version : Nike Air Max Breathe Free 2 - Outsole warrenty question

02-12-2005, 03:28 PM
hi, i was wondering if my breathe free 2's are warrenty acceptable. i did not have a warrenty card in the box, but the store i bought it from faxed it to me. i have a question first. in two of the bullets explaining the warrenty, it says:

-To quality for this 6-month rubber outsole durability guarantee, the outsole must be completely worn through, exposing the upper of the shoe, within 6 months of purchase. This wear must be the result of playing tennis.
-Exposure of different colors of rubber or the midsole does not qualify for the guarentee.

does this mean i have to wear the shoes down through so much that i can see my toes? right now, i have the dark red/maroon and silver ones. the original rubber outsole colors are maroon and black, but i have worn through the rubber of the outsole so that i can see a grey, kind of soft material which i presume is the midsole. do you think my shoes qualify for the warrenty?according to those bullets though, does that mean i have to wear through the midsole also? btw, im also asking this in the Shoes and Apparel board.

any response from those who have received a new pair from the warrenty, PLEASE HELP ME!!! the warrenty expires on the 20th! TW? what is your view on this?

02-12-2005, 03:36 PM
well, maybe i should have sent mine in. i wore mine through so that i could see that off white soft stuff very far down. damn i loved those shoes. the light blue was pretty hot.