View Full Version : Estusa PB/PBP and Volkl V-Engine 10 comparison sought...

03-31-2004, 09:42 AM
Anyone tried either Estusa and the V-10? I'm curious as to how they compare/contrast...THANKS

03-31-2004, 12:04 PM
@wright, im currently testing the estusa right now as well as 3 other racquets, and already hit with the v-engine.
the estusa feels worlds better IMO for touch and feel for volleys (extremely important to me, lol), feels more solid off serves, and better control off groundies. the v-engine plays like a 95 si head, mostly because it IS larger than any other 93 si racquet ive ever hit with, which kind of put me off. the v-10 certainly could be a weapon from the baseline for those who prefer to stay back, as i actually had to shorten my swing and add a lot more spin to keep the ball down. i can swing away like i like to with the estusa from the baseline, and chip shots are just plain FUN. if you really like the volkl feel, give the tour 10 mid a go instead (one of the racquets im testing now). the head oddly still seems to be bigger than the other 92-93 si racquets which is unusual, but felt worlds better than the v-10. the tour 10 is simply fun to play with. if you are looking in the 93 si head and 18x20 pattern you should really try the pro kennex laver type c. it is one of the absolute sweetest feeling racquets ive ever hit with, and does EVERYTHING well, not just everything mediocre like most of the volkl racquets feel. more power, but same control as any of the head prestige line(however i havent hit with the LM prestige yet so only upto the i-prest.).
just to give an idea how nice the laver type c and the estusa pbp play, im seriously considering giving up my prostaff 6.0's ive played with the past 3 years. the only things that are keeping me hooked on my pro staff thus far, are its ability to serve and volley like no other racquet ive ever used, the extremely solid feel it has.

03-31-2004, 01:54 PM
Thanks for the comparison, brijoel. I used to play the C10 and loved the PBP when I tried a friend's, and I am just curious about the V-10, it looks like it would hit sweet...

03-31-2004, 03:02 PM
groundies: v-10

control: pbp

volleys: pbp

power: v-10

spin: pbp

serve: v-10

i thought the v-10 had a big sweetspot for it's headsize. very foregiving and felt solid. pbp felt a little unstable, and thou some lead tape helped, just didn't feel as nice on the volleys. one of the things i didn't like about the v-10 was how the frame sounded when it tapped the ground on dig volleys or low slices...sounded like a metal "cling". v-10 had some good pop on it, more than i expected from a small headed player's stick.