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12-03-2008, 06:48 AM
I posted this a while ago and not much interest so I dropped the price a bit. You can send me an email Langreck2@aol.com.

Yonex RX-27, 50$ - 4 1/2 grip, 8.5/10. Some scuffing.

Yonex RX-37, 50$ - 13.5 oz., 9.5 pts HL, 7.5/10 condition, grip 4 1/2, 16 x 20, strung, boron/graphite, non-isometric. It does not have the square isometric head shape, its rounded. The scuffing has worn into the frame a bit because there is no guard but its very heavy and durable and there is nothing wrong with the way it plays.

Wilson K90, 90$ - 12.7 oz., 9 pts HL, 9/10 condition, grip 4 1/2, 16 x 19, strung. This is the newest Federer racket. It has light scuffing and the graphite is in great shape.

Wilson Asian K90, 115$ - 11.75 oz., 12 pts HL, 9.3/10 condition, grip 4 1/2, 16 x 19, strung The Asian version of the K90. Very light scuffing.

Wilson Pro Staff Tour 90, 75$ - 12.65 oz., 10.5 pts HL, condition 9/10, grip 4 5/8, 16 x 19, strung. Scuffing on the guard.

Wilson Pro Staff Jack Kramer(red), 125$ - 12.6 oz., 5.5 pts HL, condition 8.5/10, grip 4 5/8, strung. It has a lot of superficial scratches but the graphite is in great shape and still has the pro staff feel when playing.

Prince NXG Mid, 50$ - green/silver, grip 4 1/2, 8.3/10. Still in fine playing condition.

All of the prices include shipping. If you buy more than one, I will reduce each additional racket by 5$. I only accept paypal.

I have pictures but a poor camera so you can't see much detail. I'll send you if you want. As far as I know the Asian is authentic. The "Wilson" on the throat is larger than the grommet and I've been told that means it is genuine. That's all I know about the Asian version.


01-14-2009, 05:40 PM
All of these racquets, except the pro staff tour 90, are still available. I have another Tour 90 in a 4 1/2 grip that I'm also selling. A lot of people want to me to send pics and promise to buy but then never do so I'm not sending pictures. The description is accurate enough. You can send me an email at Langreck2@aol.com.

01-22-2009, 12:01 PM
The Asian K90 has been sold. The rest are still available.