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12-06-2008, 08:32 AM
I have too many racquets laying around, time to clean up my place.

- Pro Kennex Redondo MP 4 3/8 8.0/10 condition, no big scratches, no paint chips, but does have some wear, as these racquets come with a rubbery paint that does not really peel of, but tends to blemish on certain spots. Great paintjob BTW, one of the most beautiful racquets ever. Strung with Wilson Enduro pro 17g mains at 58 lbs and head master 16g at 60 lbs, midway the recommended tension.

- Donnay Pro One International MP 4 1/2. Frame strung three times, almost perfect state (9.0/10) If it wasn't for the fact that one of the grommets snapped (the grommets of this frame are reputed for their poor quality, in contrast with the very high overall quality of the frame and the paint job) and as a measure of precaution I cut out the strings (which were new, ouch my wallet). TW is going to have the new grommets any day now, they were foreseen for 3 December. Teflon tubing can also be used in the damaged grommet, to avoid keyholing in the frame.

- Wilson Reflex mid Vintage frame 4 1/2 7.0/10. Some scuffing on the top of the head as this frame does not have a head guard (although I always put protector tape on it). This is a hidden gem, I am selling this one because the grip is slightly big for me with an overgrip on it, but I am keeping the rest I have. Try it.

I am shipping from Ecuador. Prices for shipping vary between 20 (1 racquet) and 30 (two racquets). I am aware that due to shipping things become more expensive, so I am willing to take that into account when deciding on a price.

Any reasonable offer will be accepted.

You can look up my references on this board.

Email me at bverplancke@hotmail.com

01-26-2009, 07:15 PM
Sold 10char