View Full Version : Balls Out The Gary Houseman Story

12-19-2008, 07:37 AM
"Meet Gary Houseman- a 33 year old, overzealous high school janitor still bitter about his failure to live out his dream as a world-class tennis pro. Vowing never to pick up a tennis racket again, he soon befriends the school’s tennis team, a sorry group of misfits, and inevitably becomes their coach. From pelting kids with tennis balls to self-induced vomiting, Gary will stop at nothing to improve the team. With his unruly hair, thick mustache, foul mouth, wandering eye and unconventional ways – there’s not a closer bond than Gary and his team. But things are going too smoothly and soon our hero does what he does best- screws up and gets kicked out. Luckily Lady Tennis gives him one last chance to prove everyone wrong and lead the team to the state championship HIS way."

hey just a quick heads up, just came across the download to the tennis movie everyone was talking about a few months ago, havent watched it myself yet but will do tomorrow, here it is guys


12-19-2008, 07:41 AM
interesting plot, thanks for sharing.