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12-29-2008, 12:34 PM
I'm preparing for a campaign for an elected office (in a high school organization). I've already been through one such campaign, and this year, I've decided to print/get about 50 campaign buttons. Anybody know of a place/site that can provide me with relatively good service at a fairly cheap price?

12-29-2008, 02:16 PM
Make or buy food or candy. That's how I got it done. Buy/bake stuff, and bags of candy are very good. Lollipops are easy to hand out, and people love em. Also packs of gum.

If you don't mind carrying lots of crap, buy soda. Soda is the king vote getter. And last year, some people running for the senior office brought in a table, and boxes of donuts and coffee.

Nothing gets votes better than brownies, lollipops, cookies, etc.

Fliers are useful to tell people you are running. Put them in some pretty prominent places (like right above the urinals, ask a girl friend to put them on the bathroom door for their toilets).

Or get a few friends and buy lime green or pink shirts that say VOTE FOR ________ FOR _______ That'll get people's attention.

I did all that except the donuts, and I won by landslide 3 years in a row running for President.

It may help to find a running mate who has connections with people you don't.

12-29-2008, 04:27 PM
I'm got candy galore stashed away already.

Hmm... I'll consider the soda. Perhaps you can help me a bit with the logistics...

There will be about 450-500 delegates for this particular election. I make a 2 minute campaign speech about an hour before my campaigning, and then the delegates get to "parade" around my campaign booth. My space limitation for my campaign booth is a regular sized table (about 8 feet by, oh, 3 feet?). How would I give out the soda, just hand people a can?

12-29-2008, 05:37 PM
Damn, 500 people? That is going to be quite difficult...

In this case, I would not recommend using soda, unless you can bring at least 500 cans. Which is VERY difficult to do. If you don't have enough soda, people might get ****ed at you and vote for the other guy. I handed out my soda secretly, to certain people whose vote was a bit iffy since they did get some cookies from someone else. If you really want to, you can secretly begin your campaign before this rally-thing of yours, and hand out soda to various people you feel you wouldn't get a vote from otherwise. And make sure they aren't good friends with one of your rivals. Just give a can to them for their vote, and tell them to keep it a secret or something.

Stick with lollipops, gum, and chocolate. People love the stuff. Ask around, see what kind of candy people like and bring that. Candy is considerably cheaper, and easier to bring around.

It is much easier to campaign over a period of time (like a week) instead of all at once. That way the candy thing doesn't result in these big mobs, and you can deal out the soda much more easily.

Warnings: Beware of mobs. There will be a few people who will try to solicit more candy out of who; it is recommended you give it to them, but in secret. Overall, most people have enough decency not too.

Now, advice besides just bribing people. Try to remember people's names and their faces, and greet them like "Hey _____, how's it going" as you hand out candy and stuff. People just love knowing they are known. While you are in school in the days before this campaigning stuff, when you see people who sorta know you, but aren't really friends, say hi, ask how's it going, things like that. Get to know as many people as you can, say hi to as many people as you can, and that will help a lot in getting people to know you. Make sure that when you give your speech, when people see you, they'll remember "hey, that guy said hi to me the other day in the hall" or any kind of actual contact, not "that guy is in my science class" or "I pass this guy every day in the hall." Even worse would be if they have no clue who you are.

And remember, you only need a majority of the vote or even less if more than one person is running against you. In that case, cultivate the people that you do know or aquaintances, and really get a stronger connectoin with those people.

Hell, even school elections cost money...

12-30-2008, 06:44 AM
Lol. This isn't a school election. It's a high school organization known as FBLA, and I'm campaigning for a state office.

There will be about 3000 people there, of which I'll know about 50. The rest will be strangers. There will be 500 voting delegates, and I'll be running against at least one other person (that I know of at the moment).

Also, the campaigning time is really limited. From the time I arrive at the conference until the time "campaigning" officially starts, I have less than 24 hours.

I have the candy supply readily available, as printing out a few hundred trifolds/flyers, and am setting up a trifold (large). So you would recommend against the soda? It seems that the cheapest I could get the stuff is from Target (apparently then routinely have a buy 5 12 packs for ten bucks, get a 5 bucks gift card... that'll equate to... 45 bucks, which isn't too bad).

12-30-2008, 08:03 AM
With so many people, I think getting attention is going to be important. Candy and freebies will bring plenty of people to your box, but you want to get people to notice you are running.

So I would suggest the really outlandish shirts thing. Bring a bunch of friends, and give them extremely brightly colored shirts (lime green, hot pink, bright orange, make them say VOTE FOR _____) and get them to stand in a big pack and walk around, handing out fliers and maybe candy too. It's hard not to notice a group of people in brightly colored shirts handing out candy.