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01-05-2009, 11:32 AM
Firstly these questions are out of interest, not because i am planning to try and become pro but because people always ask these questions and i don't know the answer.

1) At what level do you start to earn money playing tennis?

2) How many professional tennis players in the Uk earn a living from tennis?

3) what is the level of earnings in relation to the level in tennis?

4) how much do professionals earn in sponsorship compared to the level of tennis they are at? (where they are ranked)

5) what are the average costs for a professional tennis player per year?(travel,rackets etc) (earnings-costs=profit)


01-05-2009, 11:35 AM
I heard for questions five, that players spend at least 40,000 a year on travel and court time, and what not.

01-05-2009, 11:37 AM
Ok thanks for the info. please name the source.

01-06-2009, 01:33 AM