View Full Version : Luxilon m2 Multi-mono free string

01-07-2009, 05:59 PM
i saw a link for some free Luxilon m2 Multi-mono free string...never seen it before.

has anyone used it?

should i put this in the mains w/ biphase in the x's? thanks

01-08-2009, 03:14 PM
I followed the link and ordered a free set...but haven't recieved it yet.

01-08-2009, 03:15 PM
I ordered a free set but haven't recieved it yet. You can follow this link and see what you think.


01-08-2009, 06:15 PM
There is actually some good info in the original thread about the free sample of this string but I just tried it out today and it's quite nice. Very responsive when fresh, we'll see how the tension holds up.