View Full Version : Burning DVDs

01-11-2009, 05:10 PM
I'm just getting into burning DVDs of tennis matches. The first one I finished, Fed-Nadal '06 Italian, came out ok, but I was a little disappointed in the picture quality. So, I figured, since my cable box has a S-Video output, I would use that to connect to the capture device I'm using, a Belkin VideoBus II.

Here's my problem, I'm not getting a picture when I try to use the S-Video cable, only when I use the RCA cables. The S-video cable is fine b/c it works on the Big screen TV.

I'm also using MyDVDPlus as the editing program.

Is there a setting, that I'm not aware of, that I need to change to recognize the signal from the S-Video input, or do I have a bad capture device.

I tried calling Belkin customer service, but they have that outsourced and the guy couldn't speak very good English so there was a bit of a communication barrier.