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01-12-2009, 07:26 PM
I'm here to ask for some advice because I'm going to be competing in a tennis tounry soon in 3 weeks, and I only been practicing in the indoor courts twice in these past 2 weeks. Also, I've kinda lost my game and consistency because I haven't played in 2 months.

Plus I'm new to the Ota and this will be my first real U16 tournament, but its a rookie one though..lols.. so none of the top 30 players can attend. :)

So you think ill be ready if i go practice a couple more times and try to find my game, also do you think the players would be hard.
Im confused...what should I do?!


01-12-2009, 07:53 PM
You are only 16 so keep your serves under 120mph. Don't aim for the lines on your first serves, aim two inches inside the service box, and just hit a 115 kicker or 105, slice.

When the ball comes back, don't try to be Nadal or even Federer, and try to hit more the 3000 rpm on your topspin. Keep it around 2000 rpm, and make in land two feet from the lines. Hit to the corners they are not currently in and repeat.

When returning serves, don't be flashy, you are only 16, hit every return with a heavy slice, on both sides that will clear the net by 2 inches and bounces only 6 inches above the ground at its peak. Then, hit topspiin 2000 rpm as above.

If they rush the net, just hit a dipper that clears the net by 3 inches and immediately dips to the ground. If they start to crowd the net, hit topspin lobs over their heads.

When you volley, aim one feet inside the two service box, short corners.

Try to be more gracefuly than Federer, piont your toes more, keep your hair a little ibt longer in the front, and artistically flick it. You should cover the court better than Nadal, now that he's old and injured. Make sure you slide on hard courts and do a complete split, not the half-split like Djokovic, as you hit the passing shots. Lastly, do full cartwheels and summersaults instead of the half-sies that Monfils tried to do.

I've given you sound advice here. If you lose, you can only blame yourself.

When you are 18, we'll teach you how to hit a 180 mph kick serve.

01-12-2009, 07:57 PM
All I can say is...Wow ^^

01-12-2009, 08:02 PM
All I can say is...Wow ^^

Was I too easy on him? He's only 16 and playing in the Rookie division.

Don't want to set the bar too high, he may get discouraged. Was the 115mph serves too slow?