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Anti-Sharapova Machine
02-23-2005, 04:40 PM
As posted on another board, can't get any replies.. maybe some of you can help.........please
Hey Now, I have been buy tennis DVDs and have found someone who has a pretty
large selection. My question for you is do any of you know off hand some
matches that Anna Kournikova or Myskina had a major temper tantrum?? I have
heard that Anna Kournikova did this quite a bit but never have seen this,
mostly because she was done with tennis about the time I became interested in
it. I have also seen pictures of Myskina with smashed racquets. Any input is
appreciated. I love buy the matches on DVD. Its nice to be able to sit back and match some good matches any old

and it doesn't have to be Myskina or Kourikova.. those are just examples