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02-12-2009, 08:19 PM

I only have one cover case that came with the frame when I bought it, but I will give you another to protect the other frame. It's just not going to say Flexpoint on it, more like Liquidmetal.
Size: Both 4 3/8
Headsize: 102
Grip: Hydrozorb Black on one frame and Gamma Hi Tech Gel Contour Grip Black on the other (see pic)
Strings: Babolat PHT 17 @ 62/ Xcel Premium @ 60
Price: $100 with Shipping to CON-US ONLY
NO International (Customs.....bleh)
Payment: Paypal
NO Trades (Sorry)
Contact: dark_kyo01@hotmail. com
One of the racquets was my main, the other was my backup. So obviously one is more used. I would rate them at 8.5-9.0/10. Structurally, sticks are fine just the normal wear and tear on the head guard and a not paint chip, but a scratch were the flexpoint hole is, some of the black paint wore off. I would like to get some cash for these, I really don't want to wait till I have kids to give them away and I much rather buy something else with the money. If it may seem too cheap of a price, but I'm just trying to get these out of my house. Strings will most likely have to be replaced unless you like the feel of old PHT. This will be my first sale, I've purchased a frame from TT and you can check my reference there, but if you can be patient with the transaction then I'm sure everything will go smoothly.



Need more pictures shoot me an email.

04-08-2009, 03:27 PM
These frames are still available and I'd be willing to trade them for an Babolat Aero Storm 2007 Model, which is the heavier version. I know that the Aero Storm Tour is the exact same frames, but for those of you that like things to match, you should get where I'm coming from. These bad boys are collecting dust in the their covers so I figured to give this another shot. As for the Aero Storm, stock only please. Meaning no lead, preferably 4 1/2 grip, but I will take 4 3/8. Both frames for 1 AS 2007. 7/10 or better condition if possible, but if you send me pics and I like them, we can go ahead and get the transaction going. References, I have one positive ref, as I don't sell much, but you can be assured I won't scam or anything like that. I'm a firm believer in karma and the saying "what goes around, comes around." Give me shout.

06-04-2009, 03:21 PM
They have been SOLD, thanks for looking.