View Full Version : Poly/Multi hybrid tensions

02-13-2009, 03:48 PM
I'm going to string up my son's Ozone 7 with a string I've never used. I normally string it with MSV Focus Hex mains and Topspin Cyber Blue crosses at 48. I go 10% lower since it's a poly than the low end tension recommended by Prince, so 53 less 10% resulting in the 48. I want to try Weiss Cannon Explosiv in the crosses with those two polys, to see if he likes the feel of a multi cross. Weiss Cannon recommends a 10% tension increase, so that'd be 58, based on the same 53 low end starting point. Or should I do it from the 48 the poly mains are strung at, and go up to 53? And any opinions on how much of a tension disparity between the mains & crosses is safe?