View Full Version : Babolat Aero Storm 2008, 4 1/2

02-15-2009, 03:31 PM
I've got an Aero Storm in beautiful condition. Easily a 9.0/10. No scratches or blemishes.

Has a new Babolat syn. grip and Hurricane and Xcel Premium strung at about 60.

I want to trade this bad boy for any of the following:

Aerogel 300, 4.3/8
Microgel Prestige Midplus 4.3/8
EXO Rebel Team 4.3/8
Pure Drive 4.3/8
Yonex RQ iS Lite 4.3/8

Basically if you have a nice, new, and is cosmetically sound, chances are I'll be interested.

Hit me up, I got great refs: