View Full Version : For Sale: Kblade 98, POG's, Head micro Prestiges, Head Micro Radicals and MANY MORE!

02-19-2009, 05:28 AM
I have for sale:

-Wilson K Factor Kblade 98 3/8 grip size $120 Shipped

-3 Prince Graphite Originals 90 head 1/2 grip size $90 shipped to your door
-1 Prince Graphite Tour 1/2 Grip 90 head $90 shipped to your door
-3 Prince O3 Speedport White Pro Model 3/8 grip $120 each shipped to your door

All racquets are used and in good shape. I use the pog's racquets for 3 years playing and used the prince whites and Wilson racquets for teaching purposes only! The pogs range from 7.5/8 out of 10 and the rest are 8.5 out of 10. All used but in great shape. Only thing that could be replaced would grommets.

I also have for sale:

-Head Microgel Prestige Mid 3/8 grip $120 shipped
-Head Microgel Prestige Mid Plus 3/8 grip $120 shipped
-Head Microgel Prestige Mid Plus Team 3/8 grip $120 shipped
-Head Microgel Radical Mid Plus Pro 3/8grip $115 shipped
-Head Microgel Radical OS 1/2 Grip $115 shipped
-Head Crossbow Airflow 7 in a 3/8 grip $75 shipped
-Head Metallix 2 in a 3/8 grip $75 shipped

These racquets are also all used. Both the Microgel Radicals I purchased when I was switching to Head but could not decide on the MP or OS so I went with a different stick. They are 8.5 condition. I also purchase a head crossbow airflow 7 and Metallix 2 for my students to use if they didnít have any racquets. I am no longer in need of them so I am selling.

Make me a fair offer on any racquet and they are yours

Please email me with any questions

02-19-2009, 08:34 AM
Are those POG 90's the 4 stripe version?

02-19-2009, 02:50 PM
yes they are